My REAL and honest thoughts on all this SNOW


If your from the midatlantic region (as most of my readers are, b/c I think most of my readers stalk me from facebook) then you have probably seen and read and heard all you want about snow this past week.  

Seriously, I have scrolled through and looked at gazillions of pictures of face book friends back decks overflowing with snow and seen kids waste high in it, which is kind of funny since I can look out my own windows and see the very same images. 

And if you aren’t from around here, then you may not have a clue what’s going on.  Because I’ll be honest… I don’t know what the weather in FL or Idaho or CA is doing right now. 

As I mentioned before, we’ve had a crazy winter.  2 MAJOR snowstorms in one winter… a true anomaly here with another blizzard warning issued for tomorrow.

For real?  Another 6-20 (depending on which site you go to) on top of the almost 2 feet I have sitting out in my yard!!!! image002 And I thought rather than share with you more pictures of my kids trudging through mounds and mounds of snow (as I am sure I will have for you tomorrow) I thought I’d come clean and share my real thoughts on this upcoming snowstorm.


Care to stroll with me down memory lane and track my attitude regarding this historic winter wonderland we’re experiencing? 

When the first storm came in December… I was all, “this is so magical, right before Christmas”  play the Christmas music, bake cookies, make cinnamon rolls, lament we don’t have a fireplace… I am LOVING LIFE!!!  This is great!  I love being snowed in with my family.  This is romantic and old fashioned and right out of a book.  Remember my posts and my pictures just oozing with holiday joy and exuberance?

2 months later, forecasters are saying we’re going to get hit with another storm.  This time on the day we had planned to have my daughter’s 4th birthday party.   Insert slight stress.  Do we postpone the party?  Is it really going to hit?  What do I do?  Why this weekend?  Why not last weekend or next weekend?  Ugh… what do I do?  Check accuweather….. 2 hrs later… check accuweather again… finally decide to post pone her party 1 week.   Second guess if we made the right call.  Check accuweather again… YUP, snow is coming… def made the right call.  My attitude then became, “Well, since we already cancelled and there is no turning back, this better be a good storm… I am ready to embrace it!”  Stock up on food, bake cookies… this is going to be fun!!!  Wait…. what if we lose power?  That is not fun… so I fill tubs with water for flushing toilets, make sure we have gallons of drinking water and a pot of water on the stove for cooking, make sure the dishes are all caught up and we have paper plates…. Scott tries to get our generator working.  Still about 80% excited with 20% fearful that we’ll lose power… losing power in my mind takes all the fun and joy out of a blizzard.

We don’t lose power.  Hooray!!  Go outside, take lots of pics…. talk to neighbors, drink lots of hot chocolate…. life is good.

Then Monday comes and Scott goes back to work and we go back to school.  (advantage/disadvantage of homeschooling…. depending on how you look at it)  There is still snow outside but honestly, it is now much less romantic.  With Scott at work, I have no desire to bundle up three kids and take them outside.  So, in my D- momness… we stay inside.  Because they didn’t ask, so I figured, eh why push them?  I know, I know… I am a bad mom.  But they were happy inside.  For some reason beyond my comprehension they have been wearing their bathing suits every day this week and pretending to swim in the living room.  Yesterday they were burying each other under pillows and rescuing one another and then doctoring each other up.  They played nicely for HOURS…. why would I interrupt that so we could get cold and wet, if I didn’t have to?    Really, why? Won’t the snow still be there tomorrow? 


Yup…. snow still here….. and guess what?  Now they are calling for anywhere between 6-12 and 10-20 more inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow. 

And now…now, I am much less excited. 

Because Scott still doesn’t think his work will be closed.  (times like these I wish he was a gov’t employee)  and now I am afraid again of losing power…something about high winds and blizzard like conditions…. and it’s not a weekend…. and well, we’ve had fun in the snow.  But, really, I enjoy snow the most from my kitchen window while baking chocolate chip cookies and sipping hot cocoa

There it is, the cold, harsh truth.

I am not a snow bunny.  Nor am I a super mom.

And while I have no desire to be a snow bunny, I do aspire to make wonderful memories with my family.

So……. even though I am much less excited about this forecast, and even though I am faking it a little, I am still going to do my best to embrace this next round of winter weather.   Aunt Karen and Eli have not gone back to Texas yet, so we invited them over tonight to get snowed in with us.  I am going to make home made pizza for dinner tonight and after nap time today we’re going out in the front yard to play for a bit in the snow.  I plan to have cinnamon rolls ready for breakfast tomorrow and I think we’re going to bake snowman/snowflake sugar cookies tomorrow (since we just had a batch of chocolate chip cookies this weekend and decorating sugar cookies is one of my kids favorite things to do).  Before I go to sleep tonight I will fill the tubs with water and make sure the dishes are clean.   I am sure we’ll take more pics tomorrow of the crazy amounts of snow in our yard and Scott will once again shovel out a spot for our cars in the driveway either before he goes to work or after he gets home.

But, I thought that before I post that next batch of winter fun pictures, I should come clean and tell you that while we are enjoying this winter wonderland…. there is still part of me that, well, isn’t as giddy as I once was.  And I strive to keep it real here folks.


  1. Oh, I am so with you on this one... Feel like I could have written this post myself almost word for word (almost= no bathing suits, just a spiderman costume.) Have fun. Hope you keep you electricity and your sense of humor. And I hope, for all our sakes, this week is finally the end of it!

  2. Oh, Crystal! I am so glad you said that! I love a good snowstorm, but we have been cooped up for DAYS with this weather and I believe my patience and stellar mommy-ness are about to make a turn for the worse (if they haven't already!!). I have not been able to take the kids out in the snow without another adult since the younger two are, well, so young and immobile in the current weather conditions. Hope you have fun with your SIL and nephew!!!

  3. I agree whole-heartedly! I am so ready for daffodils and cherry blossoms and green grass :-)

  4. I'm right there with you! When I was in SC, I absolutely loved the snow and wished for it every single winter. But after a long winter full of snow in Germany with the kids by myself, I'm not the biggest fan ever of the white stuff.

  5. I've lived in places that aren't accustom to much snow and big snow storms just aren't that much fun! We haven't had much snow here this winter but I haven't gone out much with the kids to play in what we have had. Oh well! If they don't ask... Because, it takes 45 minutes just to get dressed to go out, and then one ALWAYS wants to come right back in!

  6. There's another blog I follow who has been posting about the snow, and I can't believe how much you guys are getting!! It's crazy! My kids just wore shorts outside a few minutes ago! I live in NOrthern California (which is considered the Bay Area).

    But, I can see how after awhile, the novelty of snow wears off.

  7. You would SOOOO fit in with us from MN. Seriously! You need to consider it! By January, the magical wonderful white Christmas is the worst beast we have to deal with because it's not Christmas anymore. Oh, I have to shovel AGAIN?

  8. We've gotten a decent amount of snow, but nothing like you guys have. (Thankfully!) We did have a snow day today, so we celebrated by getting our free Grand Slams from Denny's. ;) Hope you don't lose power!

  9. Me I love the snow! I hate that I am still not plowed from the little snow we got BEFORE the last blizzard and then the snow tonight... but then again...we never got a plow for the one right before Christmas either. We had to reschedule our 5th anniversary date because the roads are just not that safe and if The Husband gets in any sort of car accident they will fire him soooo.... we don't want take that risk. NOT loving that.

  10. Hey

    Found you through a string of blogs today. I am a stay at home to 3 as well - a 5 year old, 3 1/2 year old and 2 year old - all boys. My life sounds a lot like yours. I used to blog my circus experiences too, but haven't kept up with it the past year - though after reading through here, makes me want to start up again. I just read your dr. appt. with jingle bells rock and loled b/c i've had many a dr. appt. like that. I just want to say thanks for blogging - your light hearted perspective and wit and keepin it real - really makes it seem fun. and i'm having one of those days where i have to remind myself "this is fun, right?" :) thx. God bless.

  11. We have had some here as well and as pretty as it may be...I think Easter Lilies are much prettier :)

  12. Hey,

    I love catching up on your life on here. Anyway, I REALLY hope that Scott got to stay home today afterall!! that would make it super fun, right? And hopefully you didn't lose power. Our biggest concern is the 3 feet of snow on top of our roof!! this is truly a CRAZY winter! (i also was thinking the same thing about how it is all downhill from here for our kids experiencing snow- i'm sure this is the most we will ever see!)

  13. I echo all your thoughts...

    Every one of them.

    and now....

    Can spring please come?


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