My Own MacGyver


Thought I’d share a glimpse of our dishwasher with you all.  Because it cracks me up.  Last week I called Scott at work to tell him the dishwasher was gushing water out the sides.  One thing I love about Scott, is that when something appears broken, he almost always finds a way to make it work.  Seriously, he is not afraid to tear anything apart and “macgyver” it.  Which has saved us tons of money over the years… He’s torn apart computers, the washing machine, the dishwasher, our oven, the toilet…

He has managed to baby our dishwasher for quite awhile now.  I have thought for sure it was a goner (and sometimes even secretly wished it was b/c I would love a new one with a timer) many times as it’s leaked water all over our kitchen.  But Scott would just grab a screw driver pull it out and find a way to make it work. 

This time the gasket was broken, which keeps the seal at the top closed, thus preventing water from gushing out the sides during the rinse cycle.  Scott went online to find the cost of a new gasket..$45.  Which is MUCH cheaper than a new dish washer and MUCH more pleasant than the thought of hand washing all of our dishes.  In the mean time, he went downstairs and found a C clamp to keep the door closed while I run it.  Unfortunately, the only C clamp he could find was this industrial sized one.  Seriously, talk about over kill for the job.  IMG_5849

It’s been over a week with this big guy on my dishwasher.  This is partly b/c our washing machine was also broken and I wasn’t sure how much we’d have to pay for one on craigslist.  Thankfully though, I found a free washing machine on craigslist, so we can order the gasket.   (a big yippee for craigslist) 

Until then I simply screw on the world’s largest C clamp when I want to run my dishwasher and give thanks for a husband who always finds a way to make things work.


  1. What a sweet way to look at a situation that's very frustrating. Good attitude. I need to emulate that more!

  2. lol! that is so AWESOME! I love it! And I love the way you love him for it!

  3. Are you checking Craigslist for a dishwasher?
    I love that our son is a "MacGyver."

  4. nope, no need... all it needs is a new gasket, so we'll just replace that and be set. :-)

  5. LOVE IT! My husband is the same way. He can fix anything!


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