Kids Say…


Mary has created a carnival to help us record those funny and precious things our kids say, so we’ll remember them in years to come.  Some weeks I’ve got nothing…this week, however, my kids gave me a few gems I don’t want to forget. 


Last week my five year old and I were working on handwriting.  Handwriting is often a battlefield for us.  This particular day I knew he wasn’t giving it his all and I wasn’t seeing his best work.  I told him he needed to do his best and reminded him that his tutor would be looking at it the next time he goes his class.  His response, “What?  I thought this was just a scrimmage!”


I have a thing for those red hot candies at Valentine’s day.  Seriously, could eat em by the handful for hours.  And I was having a hard time waiting till nap time to sneak them so my kids caught me and thus, I had to share.   When my son had his first taste of a red hot he described it as tasting “like Michael’s smells at Christmas time!”   I just loved his description and his simile. 


And don’t forget my post on Friday when my 4 yr old told me she doesn’t believe there is a baby in my belly.  

I love my life at the circus and the endless source of smiles and laughs my children give to me.


  1. I love that description too! Very cute!

  2. one week we should post all the excuses for not doing their work.... mine get pretty creative too;) Today, they said they were too cold!!

    Love the food description!

  3. LOL...a handwriting scrimage :)

    Happy TTT!

  4. Haha! These kinds of posts are always my favorites. Kids are GREAT!

  5. A scrimmage? That boy cracks me up. And I read what your four year old said...PRICELESS! The library is going to be a little peeved I spit on their computer I laughed so hard!

    It was fun catching up for awhile! But I must go. Derek called and said Katie is showing signs of needing fed. Duty calls. Miss you!


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