What was she thinking this weekend?


I’m sorry.  Really I am.  I had every intention of posting a thought this weekend and here it is Sunday night and I haven’t posted since Thursday!! 

Last week was my first week back into the real world.  For the past 5 years I for the most part lived without an alarm.  I’d wake when the kids woke, and our day would begin, sloooooowly after that.  Now that we’re in Kindergarten I’m up at 6 and getting the circus crew fed, dressed and ready to start the day by 8 am.  We did it.  But, man was I exhausted by Friday. 

Top that with a fun filled field trip to the county fair on Friday morning (after completing our schoolwork) and an afternoon spent cleaning and cooking for a weekend filled with company, and well, you get one tired Momma. 


Friday night we had the pleasure of entertaining cousin Joel who was in town visiting during his R&R from Afghanistan.  We did our best to give him a hero’s welcome.  The kids had a blast clamoring for his attention.  And Scott and I appreciated the chance to talk and catch up with him…he even stuck around to help hang up my entryway shelf downstairs.  My entry way makeover is finally complete and I LOVE IT!  (I must add that I enjoyed watching my hubby, his cousin, and his Grandpa work together on a project for me).  What great guys!!  

Joel pulled out of our driveway and less than 2 minutes later my parents pulled in.  Saturday morning we woke early and Scott headed off for a weekend sailing race at the same time I headed out for a 5K to support the local pregnancy center.  (thanks to grandma and grandpa for babysitting) I got home in time to shower and get ready for my son’s soccer game.  (where he scored a goal… 2 weeks in a row now… yeah, I am one proud momma)

And really, the pace never slowed down all weekend… with a birthday party, church, football games… fantasy teams to catch up on, tailgate food to prepare….somehow it’s now Sunday night and I’ve gotta gear up for another week!!  Thought it was action pack, I truly enjoyed the weekend…not so thrilled with my boys in black and gold, but was glad my family got to watch the game with my parents.  Big thanks to mom and dad for sticking around till 7 and making a LATE night drive home just so you could watch with us!

IMG_2612 For those that did prep a weekend thought this weekend, you can link up below, if you still want.  I apologize for leaving you hanging.  I have thoughts mulling around already and hope to jot em down early this week, before my brain is mush by weeks end!!


  1. wow what a fun week and i totally get the "now using an alarm" thing as I am sure you have noticed a decrease in my posting as well I blame the alarm.

  2. Wow, it sounds like a full weekend over there!

    I'm using an alarm too, in order to get my baby on a proper schedule each day...6:00am is no fun. I feel your pain!

  3. i love those pictures with Joel. he's such a fun cousin, isn't he? glad you had such a fun weekend, even if it was crazy!

  4. Wow..you were one busy mama this weekend!!!

    I love that last picture!!!

  5. how did you have time to breathe and eat? i hear it gets busier and busier as our kids get older! but great job teacher mama!

  6. the other day i said to geoff, "isn't it weird that in like 3 months, we'll be giving up our sleeping in privileges for like, years?" he looked at me and replied "sweetie. when do you sleep in?" alas. starbucks has crushed and destroyed my internal clock. that's what getting up at 3:45a will do to ya. however, over the years ive managed to get myself ready in a perfected time of 4 minutes. and somehow, i don't think sam is going to be cooperative to that. oh man. you'll have to give me some "getting a newborn out of the house as quickly as possible" advice!!

  7. Life is SO busy sometimes isn't it? It was great to see you all at the party!

  8. I for one am glad I am not the only one who falls off the blog bandwagon now and then due to a hectic schedule and just being tuckered out. But I missed you dearly!

    Sounds like such an awesome weekend! I was so nervous playing your mom in fantasy football...she does think I'm your professional "stalker" and all! Well, I'm way off my game because I missed this post till just now!

    What a sweet reunion with your cousin. I'm so thankful for his service to our country.

  9. I am so relieved I didn't miss Weekend Thoughts! I am definitely experiencing something similar...hence my lack of blogging lately! I'm trying to figure out how to balance it all! :-)


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