Further Proof that I am not Crafty

I come from a long line of crafty and artistically talented people.  I am not one of them.

But, I do ok with basic elementary arts and crafts.  I even considered them my forte.   Until this week.

I was quite excited to do some apple stamping with the  kids after our trip to the orchard last week.  I’ve never done it, but wanted to for awhile.  This seemed like the perfect time… last week we did the short a sound in phonics, went to the orchard on Friday, so this seemed perfect for art on Tuesday.  The kids LOVE paint, so it was sure to be a hit with them.

I cut the apple in half so we could see the star.

Then I squirted paint onto paper plates.  Gave each kid a piece of apple and had them press the apple into the paint and then onto the paper.

oops… the three year old dipped the wrong end into the paint.

no worries… rinse at the sink and try again

I have no idea why, but it didn’t work.

I didn’t think there was any trick to this, just slice, dip, and stamp onto paper.

Yet, this is the result we got.



Anyone have any idea why the paint didn’t stick and transfer? I tried more paint and less, with no luck.

The crew was ready to revolt, so I had to think on my feet.

OK… I decided… scratch the apple stamping.  Mommy will try to figure out what went wrong and try again another day.  But for now, let’s finger paint.


“Wait… Mommy is letting us paint with our fingers?”  I didn’t have to say that twice.   The kids eagerly dug in with great enthusiasm.


So, even though in the eyes of the kids, the afternoon was salvaged, I’d still like to know what we did wrong, so we can try, try again.  Can anyone help me?


  1. Ooo apple stamping! I had forgotten about that I will have to give it a try on Saturday.

  2. That's something I've been wanting to try with my kids, too. Mine will probably turn out just like yours, though....I'm not very crafty either. Could it have something to do with the type of paint used?

  3. i've never heard of it being done with apples. just potatoes. did you blot the apple w/ a paper towel before adding the paint (to get the juice off?). that's what you have to do with potatoes, anyways.

  4. I'm the wrong person to ask because I'm not crafty either...lol!

    But, it looks like the kids had fun painting anyway!!

  5. Oh, C. I wish I could help you with this one. I have no idea - though it's something we want to try, too. We're going to the orchard next Saturday! Let us know if you find the solution!

    Love ya, girl.

  6. Hey Crystal,
    A friend just did this craft with her girls, but used one of those apple slicer/corer combos. She cut the end off the core, giving the girls a tube shaped stamp with the star in the middle. Haven't tried it myself... but hope that helps! :)

  7. This made me laugh. I am sure if I tried it, the same would happen to me. I am not crafty at all! The idea of blotting the apple first does make sense, but I never would have thought of that!

  8. Did you try dipping the star of the apple into a fine coating of flour or cornstarch first? Either of those might help the paint stick better. Best source I know would be Carol Seitz.
    Austyn Grace and I fingerpainted this summer in GA , using the paint smock I had made for her Daddy when he attended nursery school and K at AACS.

  9. Happy is not crafty. (Crafty P...however, would probably know the trick to this...I might have to alert her to your dilemma).

    However, I did see green paint on your dining room table in the fingerpainting pictures which is reason numero uno that the Happy kids have never been allowed to fingerpaint.


    Please say it was washable. Shall I come over with some Murphy's Oil Soap? (Although I still haven't found the perfect dining room table cleaning method...Caroline gets food all over the backs of the chairs and the table...I might as well just let her fingerpaint too, I suppose....)


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