More Than Just a Game


Last night I came home from Kids Quest (our church’s evening class for kids in which we teach them the questions from the Shorter Catechism), pizza in hand and Scott and I quickly tag teamed to get the kids in bed so we could hit play and watch the recorded Steelers game.  (I seriously think the invention of the DVR has got to go on my top 5 list of inventions that changed my life… I LOVE it)!    Pizza, coke, beer, terrible towels… we were set for one of favorite kind of date nights… Steelers Football.

And for awhile the date was going well.  We were ahead, the defense was holding them, life was good.  I started to relax.   

And then came the fourth quarter in which no relaxing took place as my stomach was in knots and I watched Limas Sweed drop a beautiful catch in the end zone.  And Jeff Reed miss a field goal (2 weeks in a row now) and our defense let the Bengals pound us down and score a game winning touch down in the last 14 seconds of the game. 

And just like that my date night was ruined. 

We sat in silence. 

One thing I love about my relationship with Scott is how well we know and get each other. 

And we both know that after the Steelers lose, there must, must be a moment of silence.  There is no small talk to be had.  No, “Oh well, let’s try again next week.”  No.  None of that. 

Neither of us want to talk about it or anything for awhile. 

So, what is there to do, but check my fantasy team.  I’ve had a rough start this year in fantasy football.  Last year I started great and actually made it to the play off round.  I was second place over all.   I say that to boost my ego, b/c this year I am 0-3.  And I don’t understand it.  I have a good team.  I had the 1 and 3 highest ranking wide receivers starting yesterday.  And they gave me a total of 14 points.  Not enough, I tell ya, not enough.

I opened live writer to write a post, but didn’t feel it.  Sure, I could have posted a pic of my kids at the library on Saturday with a real replica of R2D2 and Darth Vador and a host of other Star Wards bad guys…. but the force just wasn’t with me.  I could have shared pics and anecdotes from our semi spontaneous apple orchard trip on Friday afternoon, but it seemed too… chipper.

So, discouraged, I went to bed.

And that my dear readers is why it is now 3:00 on Monday and I am just now able to get a post up.


  1. I missed the game, but I'm feeling pretty down about our Steelers, too. Hopefully they use this week to get it together.

  2. I'm sorry and I know what you mean I hate those funks

  3. It was a quiet evening here as well after that game. And it got even quieter when I checked the score box on the fantasy football as well...Meghan's team spanked mine this week! I had been looking forward to watching the Sunday night game as her qb and mine were playing opposite eachother, but she had already taken such a lead I knew it was a done deal.

    I hope by Tuesday some of the funk wears off at the circus house and you can look ahead to San Diego.

    And I'm thinking you're due for a fantasy win as well.

  4. I understand...your brother and I get that way (just not over football)! I'm sorry it was a rough date night though!

  5. Hi Crystal! I've been waiting for you to get a google friend connect button thingy! No the dough didn't make their hands black. You have a great week!

  6. what a bummer. i think it's super great that you and your husband actually got your kids down fast enough to watch the game together without kids coming out to "go potty" or tattle or whatever!

  7. yeah.... so i've been thinking about you all day and wondering how you were doing. is it strange that i know you that well? or maybe it was the telltale text you sent yesterday telling me not to call or text with ANY details of the game since you would watch it later. and all evening i knew what you were walking into and there was nothing i could do about it. it was like watching someone walk off a cliff in slow motion. i'm sorry last year's Super Bowl winners are letting us down. and i'm really sorry it ruined your date night.

  8. I guess you have to remember not to put your trust in man (Steeler men especially) but in God who will never leave you down. Sorry it ruined a great date night. (But I was revived by my take down of my FF opponent :-) Best wishes for the coming week - oh wait, you play your Dad and he needs a win!!!!

  9. so bummed for you. we too had a REALLY depressing loss. not that we should be shocked, but i digress. i'm sure no one else wants to read my diatribe over the state of our beloved redskins. sigh. on a lighter note, the hokies beat miami (woot woot!) and i remain the #1 in my FF league and get to destroy the hubby next week. i'll let you know how it goes.

  10. Oh Crystal, I am sorry for your Steelers, despite being born and bred in Cincinnati. I thought of you when I checked my FB page and saw all my h.s. and college friends celebrating madly in fevered disbelief and all my local friends in mourning. For the record, the Bengals probably needed this morale boost--really, they only win a handful of games most seasons and it's very discouraging for their fans. Still, that probably doesn't make you feel a lot better....


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