Weekend Thoughts: My Turn


In my last weekend thought post, I mentioned my desire to teach my children to live their life in full and not let fear keep them from enjoying life’s pleasures.  Ironically enough a week later I found myself having to choose between sitting on the sidelines or facing my fear.


15 years ago I got on a Gerris wheel with my friends.  It seemed harmless enough at the time.  But the combination of the height and the swaying car sent me into a full fledge panic.  I don’t recall much, other than screaming at the top of my lungs, pleading with the attendant as I passed him, begging him to make it stop and let me off. 

No such luck for me (or for my incredibly embarrassed friend who was stuck sitting next to me during my loud panic attack). 

Ever since, I have avoided Ferris Wheels with great success.

Until the county fair this year.  As the day for the fair approached my son starting talking about how much he was looking forward to the Ferris wheel.  (enter feeling of dread and despair in my stomach).   My initial response was, “No, we won’t be going on that b/c Dad won’t be with us.”

But then we got there.  And he never begged or whined.  But I saw him look up.  And the words of my post the week prior, ran through my mind.  

“I don’t want to miss out on the smiles and fun God has planned for us b/c of fear or stress of what we’ll loose.   I want us to fully enjoy the moments we’re in.”

And I knew that I had to do it.  In fact more than that, I wanted to do it.  My friend offered to take my kids with hers.  But, I wanted to push that fear down and enjoy the ride with my kids.  I didn’t want to let my fear keep me on the sideline while she got to enjoy the look of delight on their faces. 

DSC08040So, I did it.  (with lots of pep talks to the kids about how we weren’t going to move AT ALL, AT ALL… we would sit very still the whole time… did you hear me STILL the WHOLE TIME!)  

At first I gripped the pole in the center and just started straight ahead silently willing my 2 year old not to move on my lap and praying the older two would sit still across from me. 

But, then I realized I was enjoying myself.  I didn’t feel sick or panicked.   And so I pulled out my camera. 

I am so glad I didn’t let my fear sideline me.  Not only did I get to enjoy the view from atop


but, more importantly, I got to enjoy the view with my kids as I got to enjoy watching them enjoy the view from atop. 


And that was, for me, the best part. 

Motherhood is a lot like that Ferris Wheel ride.  It pushes you do things you never thought possible, but in doing so, you get to experience the ride of your life.

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  1. You are the best mommy ever. Congratulations on overcoming your fear and enjoying the ride on the ferris wheel and the ride your on called Motherhood. What a cool analogy. Love it! Those cute kids are very very blessed indeed. And did I mention how cute they are? I can't really leave a comment without stressing some Circus fame cuteness now can I? I mean, seriously...Ca-ute!

  2. I am so glad you went. I was just commenting on Val's blog about how much our kids teach us even as we think we are teaching them. Isn't God funny like that?

  3. i'm so proud of you! way to "live it!"

  4. I am so glad you did it :) I just love the Ferris Wheel :)

  5. what a great story! their faces are so precious! i think sometimes it's easy to think nice thoughts and put them on our blogs--quite another to actually put them into practice in our lives. thanks :)

  6. I read this last night (or should I say this morning) when I couldn't sleep because I was freaking out about giving birth. It certainly gave me courage. Way to go!

  7. I read this on Saturday, but I forgot to comment! This is such a great post. I can really relate to the fear issue, and trying not to pass it on to my kids. How amazing that you were able to overcome your own fears by being "brave" for your kids! A great lesson for us all.

  8. Hey there!
    Saw your blog title on a comment on Muthering Heights - made me chuckle so I thougt I'd drop in on your blog. ;) I've added my weekly musing to your linky list as I'm getting ready to begin a challenge of encouraging my husband for the next 30 days...


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