Keeping it Real: Potty Training Edition


In the interest of keeping it real and not pretending to be something I am not, I feel the need to come clean.

Remember how excited I was when my 2 year old was wearing underwear at her 2nd birthday?

Yea, I believe I received many a pat on the back and comments of “You’ll have to come potty train my kid.”

Well, I must come clean and say for the past few weeks she has totally regressed.  Yes, she goes on the potty several times a day, but she also goes in her pants several times a day.  This is quite frustrating as for several weeks she was doing wonderfully, even being dry at night on more than one occasion. 

But after peeing not once, but TWICE in Safeway a few weeks ago, and after my having to ask for paper towels 3 times during that shopping trip to wipe pee of the cart, the floor, and our groceries, I decided she’s in pull ups until she proves she is capable of big girl pants.  Because I am quite tired of mopping up pee, especially in public places.


  1. EA regressed really bad when I was potty training her. I went back to diapers for a few more months and then she was fine again....don't know what was going on. I found that the more laid-back I was the better it was for them, which was hard for me. I haven't even thought about starting potty training with Will yet.

  2. Good plan - for both of you. You know she CAN do it - so just wait for WHEN again :-)

  3. Oh, girl. I have been there. I HAVE BEEN THERE!!!

    It can be so frustrating, but just like the newborn sleepless nights, it comes and goes! Hang in there, friend.

  4. Wow we had such a fight with our girl she got it would be dry and clean for days and then just didn't bother. It was so frustrating. I'll be praying for you girl!

  5. Don't be so hard on yourself. The interest is there and the understanding is there. In her time she will completely grasp it. I hear the laid back approach is the best way to go all the time. Ahem, however, I might be too laid back as Noah is going to be 4 in February and is still sporting a Luvs size 6 (there is no size 7, his next step is Depends).

    The Safeway story totally makes me happier to allow him to wear those Luvs in public. I would seriously need to be in a padded room if I were found wiping pee off my grocery cart and groceries. The OCD would not be able to handle such trauma.

    And neither should you need to. Pull ups sound perfectly reasonable at her age. Encourage her when she has success and don't dwell on the accidents.

    Whoever said that about newborn sleepless nights is right...this will pass and then you'll be nostalgic for the smell of a pee filled diaper that is nearly dragging on the floor it's so full. If there is such a nostalgia. And I think there might be.

  6. I have the same problem with my husband. HA HA Don't sweat it, mama, she'll do it when she's ready and then it'll only take a day or two. It's when they're teenagers and have a mind of their own when it really stinks! Your blog is just so cute - I really like it here ~ ♥

  7. Isn't motherhood grand? My oldest had a very difficult time potty training. We'd go a month with no accidents and then have 3 a day for a week. I discovered they usually coincided with a big event, illness or a developmental milestone. When we got rid of her paci it was almost like we were starting over. Some kids just have a rough time, but I don't have to tell you that!

  8. oh, good! i'm not the only one who thinks she has to do it one way only to realize that was a ridiculous ( and i mean RIDICULOUS) expectation.
    don't worry about it.
    remember my post about brin peeing in the POLICE CHIEF's car?
    i would be so annoyed too if 3 accidents in one grocery store run had been with brin. (and by annoyed i mean embarrassed, exasperated, and frustrated!)


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