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** Updated with new quote from this very afternoon**

One of my favorite parts of motherhood, is watching my children grow and develop.  As they get older it is so much fun to see their individuality and personality emerge. 

This week marked some big milestones in the circus family life.  On SIMG_2379unday, for the first time in 5 years, I didn’t drop any of my children off in the nursery for church.  As of promotion Sunday this week, all of my kids are now old enough for the Sunday School program.  Our youngest was thrilled to go to the big kids room for the 2 year old Sunday School class. As if that wasn’t enough for one mom to handle in a week, the next morning I dropped my son off at the home school tutorial we’ve enrolled him in for Kindergarten this year! (More pics and stories to follow tomorrow on that milestone day)!

In the midst of these milestones, I wish to call attention to my middle child, lest she be overlooked.  She seems to be growing up right before my eyes and I love the girl she is growing into. She’s said some things this week that just cracked me up and I want to record them to look back and smile upon later.   So once again I am linking up with Mary’s Tiny Talk Tuesday.


This past week she’s taken to repeating




her big brother says.  All.The.Time.  She’s quite persistent too, one day I swear she went from breakfast to dinner repeating every.single.thing he said.  (And let the record show that my son talks, A LOT… so now I get a  dose of two times the talking)!   That evening he was talking about volcanoes.

Son: Mom, Do you wanna know what happens after the lava comes out of the volcano?

Daughter: Mom, Do you wanna know what happens after the lava comes out of the volcano?

Son: (huge sigh of exasperation) You don’t even know what happens after lava comes out of a volcano!

Daughter:  I know, that’s because you haven’t said it yet.


My daughter loves baked beans.  And I mean L-O-V-E.  This summer when we dropped the kids off for an overnight at their Nana and Pop’s my son packed at least half a dozen stuffed animals.  My daughter packed her aunt Karen blanket, her baby, and a huge can of baked beans (just in case Nana and Pop didn’t have any).  Every time we go to the grocery store she’ll ask if they are on sale so she can get a can.  And every time I make dinner she’ll ask if we can have baked beans with it.  Last week we had enchiladas, corn bread, sweet corn, and of course a side of baked beans.  After eating well over half of a 28 oz can of baked beans, she got up from the table, patted her belly and said, “Mommy, my tummy is so full of baked beans!  I think I could have a baby of baked beans.  Aunt Karen had a baby boy, but I could  have a baked bean baby!”

To continue the baked bean love, after I hit publish this afternoon, my daughter came out and saw a can of her beloved baked beans on the counter.  She said, “Mom, God loves us even more than I love baked beans!”


Gymnastics is going well.  She loves it!  I noticed at the first class however, that her leotard was a bit too small (I had gotten it for her last Feb).  I asked her if wanted a new one and she responded, “Well, will it still go up my butt?”  It took me awhile to figure out what she meant, but then I assured her, that no it wouldn’t go up her butt, that’s why I was getting her a new one.”  The new leotard arrived this weekend.  It is sparkly and red, white and blue.  She pulled it out of the box and her eyes lit up as she said, “Mom, it’s so pretty!”  Then she tried it on and exclaimed, “And it doesn’t even go up my but!!”


Speaking of butts, sorry… but I just can’t leave this one out.  It totally made me laugh.  She was sitting on the potty one day last week and.. ahem.. “passed gas”  She looked up at me and said, “That was just my poop singing!”   Now I’ve heard it referred to as tooting before, but never singing.



  1. I am so glad you are recording these! she is a delight.

  2. Those are hilarious! Sounds so much like the stuff I hear in my house! I need to be better about recording them, I always think I'll remember and I don't. I think my favorite is the "will it still go up my butt" comment. For all she knew that's how they were supposed to fit!

  3. I loved the “That was just my poop singing!”
    And yes she ate almost the whole can of beans!

  4. Sorry - no comment - I can not stop laughing!!!!!
    She is a HOOT!!!!

  5. laughing so hard i'm afraid i'll wake the kids up! and kudos to you mama for the creative blog title. great job as usual!

  6. This is hilarious!! My favorite is that she said her "poop was singing"...what a classic!!!

  7. oh, i needed a good laugh. i don't usually laugh out loud about kids i haven't met, but i could totally hear her saying that! oh, CUTE!

  8. those are great! you'll be so glad you recorded them. i especially love the volcano one. hopefully, for your sake, that repeating phase will be short lived!

  9. you know i'm goona love this post because it's a collection of some of my favorite things - kids saying hilarious things, my niece, and shout outs to me! (i know you thought baked beans was going to make the list...) i'm glad her butt is a happier place now. the point only proved because it is singing!

  10. Her singing poop...oh my goodness! That is CLASSIC! I'll have to share that with the Happy children!

    Can you fault a girl for loving some baked beanage? Seriously? And we all know it's the "music making" food! I guess the singing poop and the beans go hand in hand!

    Don't get me started on the leotard. Hilarious!

  11. THAT is just too adorable. What a good brother to handle his sister's small annoyances in such a gentle way.

    In reference to the flatulence we've referred to the sound as coming from "barking spiders" and we've said, "I burped out my butt" but never, never have I ever heard "my poop is singing!" That is just priceless.

  12. OH. MY. GOODNESS! Po.op comments are so funny! That is just seriously hilarious!

    I love two year old. They are so precious.

    Congrats on all of the milestones. May you continue to enjoy :)

  13. These are hilarious! I love hearing how little ones process life.


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