Weekend Thoughts: Fear


My child has been permanently scarred by a helium balloon.

I’m sure you think that I am kidding or exaggerating, but I promise you I am not.   Remember this?  Well two months after that traumatic experience, Scott took the kids to buy a balloon for my birthday, and needless to say my son (being the oldest child, and the overly cautious one that he is), was very nervous about the balloon flying away.  Scott assured him multiple times, that the balloon was not going anywhere.  He promised that he would not let go of the string and he himself would bring it into the house.  As they step out of the van, my son started freaking out about the balloon.  Scott couldn’t figure out what was wrong since he was still holding onto the string.   While that was true, the part of the string holding onto the balloon came undone and the balloon floated off into space. 

Ever since he’s wanted nothing to do with helium.   You should have seen me this spring as I bought a balloon for Scott’s birthday.  I had to check and recheck the string multiple times.  Still, he begged me not to get one.  And after his youngest sister lost her balloon at Trader Joe’s last month, he’s convinced the girls that they don’t want balloons when they go to the store.   Last week as we approached TJ’s he said to the girls, “Remember, we don’t want balloons when we go to the store, b/c we don’t want to loose them.”

He is so afraid of losing the balloon, he doesn’t even want it in the first place.

Balloons are fun.  They’re treats.  They are meant to brighten your day, add pizzazz to a party and a light hearted moment to a tiring shopping trip. 

But for my son they bring more stress than joy.   

And I wonder, how often we let fear keep us from enjoying life’s gifts.   Are we so afraid of losing what we have that we fail to enjoy it while we have it? 

I don’t want my life or my children’s lives to be like that.  I don’t want to miss out on the smiles and fun God has planned for us b/c of fear or stress of what we’ll loose.   I want us to fully enjoy the moments we’re in.

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  1. I think any mother of young children can identify with this post!

  2. Oh, poor sweet boy. There are so many things in my life that I'm afraid of - that I allow fear to keep me from enjoying. It's such a hard lesson - even for adults.

  3. Awesome picture! And awesome analogy!

    Girl, I just made bacon in the oven like you taught me. Thank you! YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE. :)

  4. I have to agree that this topic has been on my heart this week.

  5. Wow, how great of an illustration is that? Poor guy.

  6. Thank you. This meant so much more to me than I'll be able to tell you.

  7. Bless his heart! That reminds me of my kids too. I hate it when they are afraid. I don't want them to be hindered from enjoying life because of it! And it's easy to forget that we often do the same thing. Thanks for this great post!

    I just got home today after being out of town for several days. Sorry I missed Weekend Thoughts this week...I'll be back next week!

  8. Poor thing to be so stressed out about helium balloons. However, you are so right...I actually let fear RULE me over the weekend. Fear of preterm labor. (Not having any symptoms, but I get fearful of it about this time in the pregnancy...) So much fear in fact that I laid on the couch on my side and drank water and packed my bag and just decided to not have any fun b/c I might go into labor early.

    I'm so stupid. I have so much trouble clinging to God's promises in the midst of a fear that just totally overwhelms me.

    I should realize by now that I'm going to go into labor when God ordains that I should and worry and fear won't change it.

  9. ps. I want to know how to make bacon in the oven.


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