Gana’s French Toast


Nana and MeI love my husband’s Nana.   She’s a remarkable lady.   I loved her for years, just based on hearing about her from her grandson and reading her sweet letters.  Then, I flew to California and met her.  And I loved her as my own Nana!! 

When I walked in her side door, I instantly felt at home.  I sat down at her table and never wanted to leave again.

Gana (as my kids call her b/c she is their Great Nana) is famous for her quince jam, her tacos, and her French toast (among many other things).

Being a mother of three boys, she is used to making food in bulk.  And her method of making French toast totally works for me!

waffled french toastI used to cook my French toast one at a time in oil in a frying pan.  Not exactly healthy or quick. Then a few years ago my in laws gave me a large waffle iron.  I squealed with delight, “Now I can make French toast like Nana!” 

Yes, Gana’s secret for French toast is to cook it in one of those large waffle irons (not those tiny circular single serving Belgium waffles irons).  The waffle iron seems to seal in the taste in the bread and I love the fact that I can cook 4 at a time. 

French toast

It might not look like your average French toast… it def looks like a cross between a waffle and French toast.   Call it waffle toast…or French waffles…or toasted waffles…whatever you call it, call it breakfast…because it is delicious!   I’m telling you, it’s tasty, more healthy, and definitely quicker than my old method.  It’s worth a try, I promise you!


  1. Looks yummy! I don't have a waffle iron, but this makes me want one. :)

  2. French toast is my favorite breakfast food!! This looks like a great way to make it...definitely much healthier. I would love to have a waffle iron like this...I have the round belgium waffle kind.

  3. Silly Happy fell asleep last night on the armchair and never got to comment last night! And now, it is ironically, breakfast time.

    So I'm totally wishing I had some of Gana's French Toast. It looks delicious!

    ps. I like mine with syrup and powdered sugar. Might want to wait till you are closer to getting here to add the powdered sugar so it doesn't get all gooey.... :-)

  4. Yummmmm I love French toast and now your Nana!
    Great idea!

  5. french toast is my FAVORITE!!!! i'll have to give this one a try!

  6. good idea. Gonna have to try that one Crystal. Thanks for the secret family recipe.

  7. Can you believe it - MY grandmother used to make french toast that same way!!! I never knew you made waffles any other way until I was married :-)

  8. Eggs, bread, cinnamon and syrup - can it get any better than that for breakfast?!

  9. i got home a little bit ago, and realized i REALLY wanted some french toast. and then right after that, i realized it wasn't a crazy pregnancy craving--it was bc i read your blog earlier! mmm.

  10. This looks great! And I have a square waffle iron...will have to give it a try!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this!


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