Everyone Enjoys a Little Pampering


I realized recently, that while I spend lots of time with my kids, too often it's easy for me to spend the day with them, without really playing with them.  So, these past few weeks, I've been doing a lot more playing.  And I gotta say, I'm loving it.

IMG_1835One hit with the circus crew recently has been beauty shop. 

To make it an equal opportunity for all, I did a little hair spiking for my son.  While He did forego the sparkly nails; he gladly spent nail time drawing pictures for the girls to take with them after their time at the salon.  How many beauty salons do you know send you home with hand drawn art work in addition to your up do and mani/petti?  

These pictures were from last week.  This week we bought hot pink polish and a clear/sparkly top coat.  So right now the girls and I are all sporting hot pink and glittery toe nails with just sparkling fingernails.  I'm not usually very good about keeping up with my nails, but perhaps this new form of play, will build in time for me to pretty myself up as well.   Though I think in the future I might skip the glittery finger nails.


Here she’s admiring her pedicure.


As you can see, we all enjoyed the time of pampering. I think the girls enjoyed the pretty smelling lotion the best. 


  1. I love these pictures I think it really captures your kids well.

  2. Well, because I am a professional stalker I do remember that your fingernails were nicely kept and long and they probably look really pretty with a little polish on them!

    The spikey hair is totally rad.

    (Except I'm pretty sure the word rad is out...)

    The girls look so cute admiring their mani/pedi's.

    Me next please!

  3. Great idea. When can I come by to get my toes done? :)

  4. So nice to just have fun with the kiddos! The pictures are adorable.


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