Weekend Thoughts: Memoirs


I’ve mentioned before, that the situation in Sudan has been heavy on my heart lately.  During my attempt to do something about it, I felt it was of utmost importance to learn more about it.  Recently, I decided to read some memoirs written by people who are from the region and whose lives have been affected by the atrocities. 

A few weeks ago I read Halima Bashir’s memoir of Survival in Darfur entitled Tears of the Desert.   I was drawn to read this book because Halima was born the same year as me.  Here is a woman who is my exact age, and yet her life is drastically different than mine because of the location we were born in. 

Reading her first hand account brought the situation home to me in ways that a cnn article could not.  It put a face and story to the grave statistics. 

One thing that I was struck by was the similarities of our lives.  She came from a loving family.  She went to school.  She even had electricity and later in life a television.  Yet, she endured horrific persecution because of her gender and skin color.  The atrocities that she faced are truly unspeakable.   She was considered less than a dog merely b/c of her ethnicity!  And yet she was treated worse than any dog I’ve seen. 

I was impressed by her strength.  She stood up for what was right when it cost her everything and everyone.  She persevered when most would have despaired.  She survived. 

As I read the book, I had to remind myself that this was true.  This was a real person and these events were not exaggerated or imagined.

As I seek to educate myself more of the events taking place around the world, I plan to seek out more memoirs.  By reading another’s first hand experience, I can better sympathize and understand situations that are taking place.  Next on my reading list is  A Long Way Gone : Memoirs of a Boy Soldier written by Ishmael Beah.  Much like Halima, Ishmael was born only a year after me and yet this life’s story is like nothing I have ever known.   These stories are not easy to read, but I feel it is important for me to learn from their experiences. 

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  1. "A Long Way Gone" is one of the books Starbucks promoted when it came out--I read parts of it when I was on my breaks and it was pretty powerful. I've been looking for some new books to read, and the one you wrote about sounds like something I should definitely check out. Thanks!

  2. I used your site to place an order with Amazon (sp?).
    Thanks for the way to help!

  3. It's so important to find a way to connect...I'm glad you've found a meaningful one!

  4. Thanks for the thoughts they are great! I wish I had any thoughts this weekend, my brain and my heart have been very heavy latly, I have not been very thoughtful or creative... I will be back blogging soon though I hope.


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