All Packed Up and No Place To Go


Van is fully packed… literally, I don’t think we could fit another thing in there. Careful opening the back door, the sleeping bags will fall when you life it up.  Kids buckled in.  Dog ready to drop off at my friend’s.

Wait, forgot the tip of the fishing rod.  Back in the house.

Scott’s needs a ball cap.   Back in the house. 

After packing, repacking, rearranging the car seats, returning to the house, oh 3 or 4 dozen more times, we are set.

All we gotta do is drop the dog off, grab some nuggets from the drive through at Chick-Fil-A and we’re off for our 3 hour journey to the camp site.

The plan was to set up camp tonight, then spend some time at the camp site in the  morning, before making a short day trip excursion to Latrobe, PA. 

As we set on our way, after a very long day of work for Scott, we did some mental math and realized we’d be arriving at the camp site around 11pm.

The question then became, do we carry on, arrive at 11, hope the kids fall asleep and stay asleep while we set up the tent, transfer them to the tent, and then go to bed?  Or do we go back home, sleep in our own beds and wake up early and hope to arrive by 11am?

The advantage for carrying on is we maximize our time at the camp site tomorrow.  The advantage for going home is we get to relax this evening.

And after much deliberation, trying to weigh our options, we decided, it would be easier to get a good night sleep at home, wake up in the morning and hit the road early. 

So, we aborted the plan. 

Because, here at the circus, we are all about being flexible and changing plans.

It’s what makes us circus like.

The kids were quite agreeable, b/c of the careful phrasing by dad… “we’re going to go camping in the morning and it’ll be so fun, but right now we’re going to go to Chick-Fil-A and then go sleep at our house.”

We had them at Chick-Fil-A.

So here we are van fully loaded, kids asleep on their floor (camping style) and fishing, campfires, grandparents, and the Steelers waiting for us in the morning.


Wait, did she say Steelers? 

More details to follow next week.


  1. I think that makes alot more sense,too!! I would have done the same thing! ;) Have fun on your trip!

  2. i hope your camping trip is awesome! have fun!

  3. I cannot believe I wasn't given earlier knowledge than think my husband works right by Latrobe now! You're killing me!

  4. Although we changed plans - it was very worth the efforts!! We had a great time! Watch for her further details. I don't think we missed anything :-) Thanks for a great camping week-end!!!


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