Time for Art


I once read or heard somewhere that kids need to draw in spaces bigger than 8x11 sheets of paper.

I tucked that little nugget of info away and to be honest did absolutely nothing with it, till last week.


During one of our 3 sick days last week, I looked down at a brown bag and got inspiration!!


I cut the bag open much like you do when making book covers and gave each kid one half of a brown bag to draw on.  They were so excited at the big space to draw in.  And they loved the fact that white crayon showed up on brown paper.  Equally exciting was the fact that it had a handle for hanging.


Classy, don’t ya think?  No worries… this isn’t their permanent home. But they enjoyed the display for the day.  And they loved carrying their pictures around all afternoon.

The girls had fun making loops and scribbling.  It honestly was not their best art work, but they were enjoying the experience.

My son, however, became inspired.  He drew a sunset beach scene which turned to night with stars.  Can you see it?  I was thrilled and am begging him to let me frame it as it is one of the best pictures he’s drawn.  He drew sunsets all afternoon and told me how he wants to grow up and be an artist (so now he’s going to be an author, artist, astronaut, fireman, and “dinosaur digger”)


Next time they say paper or plastic, might I suggest you say “paper” as it’ll provide you with a delightfully easy backdrop for your little Picassos.


  1. Those are great!!! What a fun idea for craft time!

  2. This is such a cute idea! My girls are often frustrated that the white crayon doesn't show up on paper, so I know they would love this!!

  3. Terrific lesson. All three looked very intent in their creativity. Seems like you are very ready to start the school year.

  4. THIS
    Hope it was as fun as it looks.

  5. Love it!!! I am so getting paper bags next time! Noah will love this. And your son is quite the artist!

  6. What a great Idea! WE did this when I was a child and then my mom used the results for Grandparent gift wrap.


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