The President’s Car


The kids and I were walking around downtown Annapolis last week when we spotted this car.  My son said, “Hey, I bet that’s Barack Obama’s car!” 


You know, because naturally the president of the United States would drive a car that looked like an American flag.

I am sure the people at Beltway would be so happy to know that their car gets such high billing.  


  1. I just love how kids think and reason...and they usually see the obvious things! Like, duh! The President should drive a more patriotic car! That totally makes sense to me!

  2. I believe Obama does drive that car! ;-)

  3. I think he wife would be not so please if that ever showed up in his drive way...

  4. How funny!! I love the things your little boy comes up with!

  5. LOL! Don't you just love the things that little kids say? I know I do!

  6. really, i guess it does make sense. it would be even cooler if he got to keep it after he was out of office. couldn't you see George W sporting around TX in one of those? i'll keep my eye out for him.


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