But, of course!


I am a home body.  Truth be told, I can go a good four days of staying at home before I go stir crazy and need to get out and about.  And as a home body, I love, LOVE days where we go no where and just stay home all day.  These days don’t happen all too often, maybe about once a week.  Because, my kids LOVE to go out.  Even if it is grocery shopping.  They wake up each day and ask, “Where we going today Mom?” 

So, we run errands, get together with friends, go to the park or the beach or the library.  Anything to get us out and about. 

And truth be told, I can also get in ruts about spending time outside.  I am not always the greatest about taking them out, especially when it is hot or cold.  Mild spring or fall days, are one thing, but when you hit those extremities, my home body nature asks, “why can’t they just play with blocks and legos inside?”  I have to intentionally make an effort to get us out on days like this.

Well, for whatever reason I got convicted this week of our lack of outdoor time lately.  In all my cleaning and organizing recently, the kids have been playing, nicely(mostly) indoors.  They’ve been creative and built and made up some awesome things, but, I know we need to get out for some fresh air.

Friday we hit the park. Monday, we go the splash pool out and turned on the sprinkler.  We had a wet, muddy, afternoon staying cool in the hot and humid heat of August in Maryland.  Today, I promised the kids a picnic lunch at the park on our way home from errands.  So at 1:00 we arrived at our neighborhood park with our lunch in hand.  There was not a sole in sight.  The playground and beach were completely empty.  Because, who in their right mind would want to play outside on a day like today? We enjoyed our lunch in the shade, and played on the equipment for 15 min or so before heading home to unpack our groceries and get the kids down for naps. 

Of course, I would pick the hottest week of the summer to get inspired for more outside time… of course….

Tuesday, Aug 11

High: 91 °F RealFeel®: 99 °F


  1. hehe I was out doing some much needed yard work today came in and sat down and saw the weather and went "Oh well that was a brilliant idea..."

  2. Ah, yes the dog days of August have hit us. The 10th was our unbearably hot day in Pittsburgh. I nearly drowned in a puddle of my own sweat while in the comforts of my air conditioned office.

    I think my sweat glands are working for two also.

    I would certainly have suffocated in the heat outside.

  3. Oh, yikes!!! Being a homebody, too, I understand you having to be intentional about getting your kids outside. I'm sure your circus crew enjoyed the picnic in spite of the heat!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, you totally described me!!!! LOL!


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