Bill Nye’s Got Nothing on my Little Guy


The kids have been into “experimenting” these days.  We even have science journals with which to record our results.  (Yes, we can thank Sid the Science Kid for that brilliant idea).

It started with freezing stuff.

I overheard my son tell his sister with a hushed voice of excitement, “Sis, you watch…we’ll put this cup of water into the freezer and then later when we come back it will be ice.” 

Ah, the thrill…

From cups of water, they then moved to other random objects, slippers, plastic toys, juice boxes…


Here they are “investigating” their frozen juice box.  Do you see those eager faces of anticipation as they removed it from the freezer? 

Later I opened the freezer to find this.


Seems the poor little people girl was frozen into a cup of ice.  They loved watching her melt out on the deck later that afternoon. 

He also tried sticking ice cubes into a cup of water and then freezing it.  We liked how the ice looked different in the cup this time. 

On Monday, my son asked me to write some instructions onto sheets of paper.  He wanted me to write in all capitals, very small, “like a printer” in the center of the paper.

One sheet read, “make experiments”

Another read, “use a crane to make something”

Still another said, “make fire.”

And my favorite, “make experiments with fire.”

When Daddy got home he said that these were their directions for experiments they needed to do together.

So Daddy seized the day and came up with a fire experiment for him to do with the kids.  They took 3 different colored papers.  Then Daddy burned each one and they had to watch the flame to see if it looked different for each paper.  They made predictions, talked about the results, and recorded their findings by drawing pictures in their science journal. 

science experiements with Daddy

experiements with fire


For simple, fun boredom busters that can involve the whole family, might I suggest a little science?   It’s been a hit here at the circus!


  1. That's great!! You have such a fun household!!!

  2. After reading this post I am regretting my comment to your FB status earlier this week when I said "What's the worst thing that could happen at the circus?"

    Apparently, it would involve experments with fire!


    It is so awesome, though, that you guys take the time to do these cool teachable things with your kids...they look enthralled on the deck with daddy! I'm taking notes over here...

  3. Happy, I snapped a picture of "the worst that could happen" the other day when I let the kids play quietly for a few minutes... will have to post it later.

  4. Oh, I bet daddy was their total hero that day!!!!!

  5. That is so cool! you should make them a wormery I bet they would love it!

  6. you gotta love sid the science kid. i was a bit apprehensive thinking, "what are they going to try to push on my kids?" but i am quite impressed that i haven't really been able to disagree with what they are teaching! and your son is too funny! looks like it was a blast!

  7. So super awesome!

  8. We've been doing some experiments too! We did a thing on ants! Did I tell you about this? We wanted to know what ants ate, so we drew pictures of them, and talked about how their body is designed and then we made them a plate full of food. Seperated into 8 sections we put all kinds of different things on the plate and watched what the ants liked to eat first! It was awesome!

  9. Hey Crystal!
    Stumbled across your blog the other day and I've found myself laughing out loud at your chilluns' antics! You've got a great crew there.

    -- a palumbo- turned- wilkins

  10. That is so funny...they are so curious!

  11. Way to get a jump start on scholl!!! They look so intent on their experiments. Daddy was perfect for the teacher of FIRE!! I believe it is a guy thing LOL Can't wait for the campfire discussions this w-e


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