Prudent or Paranoid?


Our continual quest to visit each of the US National parks, prompted us to take a day trip to Carlsbad caverns while in El Paso this weekend.

Oddly enough we were quite familiar with the route has we were only about 11 miles from there this April when we visited Guadeloupe.
To get to Carlsbad from El Paso you travel 138 miles on a rather barren and desolate road in the desert. I am not exaggerating even slightly when I say that there is literally nothing along the way.  No gas stations. No bathrooms. No food of any kind.

As we embarked on our journey we though it prudent to stop for water. I ran into a kwick mart for a gallon of water and 3 water bottles.
A few moles down the road (still on the outskirts of El Paso) we thought that perhaps some food would be wise. So into another gas station quick market I went.

What food would you grab for a trek into the desert?

As I stared at the options,  lunch meat sandwiches, doughnuts, chips, candy, I was perplexed. I needed to make wise choices. Suddenly I was overcome with the feeling that I was responsible for purchasing the food that would sustain us as we baked in the dessert waiting to be rescued. My mission had somehow changed from grabbing a few things to hold us over till we reached our destination to one of planning for survival.
I quickly began filling my hands with food...

  • muffins to snack on now as my Cheerios left me wanting more
  • apples b/c they were nutritious,
  • cashews b/c they would fill us with protein so we wouldn't starve to death,
  • cheese sticks   b/c even though I know they are kids food the truth is Scott and I both like them,
  • and 3 king size candy bars (they were buy 2 get one free).

I figured we could each eat one early on before they melted and I grabbed a bag of M&Ms b/c if I was dying of starvation in the middle of a hot desert I thought some M&Ms  would make me smile.  (clearly I wasn't thinking logically b/c you know the M&Ms would melt long before I reached the starving point... Leaving me starving and lamenting the loss of my precious milk chocolate candies).

Feeling satisfied with my provisions we set off yet again. But before we hit the barren wasteland that is west Texas we spotted a Subway.  I suggested we stop to grab sandwiches to eat once we reached Carlsbad (or to add further substance to our last meal in the dessert).

Now we truly were ready to go subs, chips, fountain drinks, water and our last supper in hand we set off for New Mexico.

I am happy to repertoire that we made it to Carlsbad and enjoyed our subs outside the Visitors Center before embarking on our 5 hr journey  800 feet below the ground. We enjoyed our chips on the beautiful and starry ride back to Karen’s that night. And I polished off the M&Ms on my plane ride home this afternoon. But as I learned in my youthful days as a Girl Scout, it's always good to be prepared. 


  1. You know, I guess one could consider this "paranoid". However, it sounds exactly like something I would do! So I am going to go with "prudent"!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I got such a chuckle out of this! Did you ever let in your secret desires to survive in the barren wasteland of NM to Scott or did he just think his sweet wife was picking up a few snacks?

  3. We always do that. I figure leftovers are never bad.

  4. Well, I've never been to the desert, but if I went, I would probably prepare in a similar fashion!

    Besides...there is no emergency too large for chocolate! ;)

  5. I agree with all of the above. The difference is that hubby would probably roll his eyes and smile.

    ps. M&Ms melt in you mouth not in your hands (unless you crush them, that is.)

  6. I think you were very smart in your choices!!!! Now I'm craving for snacks!!!

  7. Sounds exactly like something I would do! Only my eyes are always bigger than my appetite and I would have come out with more...not exactly prudent or paranoid, just plain because I like my food and the thought of being without would cause me to overprepare in a bad way. For instance, since the candy bars were buy one get one free I would have most certainly come out with six....

    Sounds like such a cool part of your visit to El Paso, though! Especially the starry ride home!

  8. okay, that is too funny! one question though, if there were no gas stations (i.e. bathrooms), isn't that another problem you might have to encounter? how many times did you use a restroom before you actually hit the desert? for me, it probably would have been at each stop we made along the way to the desert (just in case)

  9. Ha, Ha... good question Gianna.. The truth is though that I have a bladder of steel. I went before we left my SIL's house and was fine till we hit Carlsbad 2.5 hrs later. Food was my main concern. I am not above peeing on the side of the road!


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