Homeward Bound

Friday morning I hugged my sweet kids goodbye and with tears in my eyes I waved as we backed out of Nana and Pop’s driveway.  And even though I know they are in capable and trustworthy hands with both sets of grandparents and our best friends taking turns watching them this weekend, I still hate the thought of flying two time zones away from them for 4 days.

Very, very few things (or people) could motivate me to willingly part from them for a long weekend away.

This little man is one.


When we found out that my sister in law was pregnant, Scott and I knew we must find a way to get to El Paso and meet our nephew.  And yet, we knew that no new mom needed to have the entire circus crew descend upon her a mere 10 days after giving birth.  So, off we went for a weekend away (sans kids) with our nephew and his parents.

IMG_1428 His arrival into the extended family makes our family complete.   He is every bit as cute (ok cuter) in person than in pictures.  I am so glad we came out here to spend this precious time with them.  And while I know that Karen is technically Scott’s sister, I honestly think of her as mine as well.  So, I have enjoyed this time with her and Jim.  In addition to cuddling my sweet nephew, we’ve played some Rock Band, and Dr Mario, had our first sonic, and gone out for dinner.  It’s been a great mix of relaxation, hanging out, good times, and taking in this sweet face.


I am so glad we had this time with all three of them.  Especially, since Jim will be deploying again this fall.  And saying goodbye is going to be hard since I don’t exactly when we’ll see them again.

But, 4 days is my limit for time away from the circus.  And as I board the plane in a few hours, I am glad that I am homeward bound.  Because now that I’ve already said goodbye, I just wish I was home, home where my thoughts escaping, home where the music’s playing, home where my kids lie waiting, silently for me. (ha, ha) silently for me.


  1. Oh, he is just precious! You look great with a newborn in your arms! ;)

    I bet your kiddies can't wait to see you and Scott!!!!

  2. So glad you were able to enjoy the time together!

  3. How sweet! I miss sweet little baby legs. And I agree, you do look great with a newborn in your arms.

    I'm glad you were able to have a visit!!

  4. i can't tell you how great it was to have some Scott and Crystal time this weekend. it means alot that you took the trip out (especially now that i know how you dislike flying). you guys totally racked up the aunt and uncle points. thanks for taking the pics, too. i love that we're family and that we LIKE hanging out together!

  5. I love the photo when you and your new nephew are looking at each other. So precious!! I know your kids will be happy to see you when you get home!

  6. he is such a sweetie!

    i know the feeling, i can't stand being away from our kids for more than a day.

    what a perfect little trip!

  7. I am so glad that you were able to enjoy this special time with Jim and Karen and this truly beautiful nephew (OK I mean handsome). We had a great time babysitting in your abscence though!!!

  8. so sweet I am very glad you got the chance to go out to spend the time with them and meet the new one.

  9. How precious!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get so attached to babies!

  10. He is such a cutie. I'm so wishing I could pick him up through my computer screen! You look so sweet holding him, too. What a good auntie.

    Glad you had a nice trip and that you got some quality time with Jim and Karen and bonded with Eli...and glad you are back home rebonded with the circus crew. I'm sure they missed you just as much.

    So, is Stella still coming east for awhile after Jim deploys? I'm totally thinking I will need to take a road trip to Maryland...possibly with baby Quatro in tow!

  11. That baby is so cute He looks like he gets lots of loving


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