Extreme Football


This weekend in addition to enjoying some fishing and campfire doughnuts, we also got to par take in some Pittsburgh Steelers revelry.  While camping is always a good time, the reason for our camping trip was so we could spend the afternoon checking up on our boys in the burgh!

This was Scott and my third trip to Latrobe, PA to watch the Steelers practice at training camp.   It’s always fun to see the players you watch and cheer on T.V. live and in person.  I particularly enjoy watching them interact with each other.

Big Ben   Heinz Ward

We met my parents in the parking lot and entered the campus proudly wearing our black and gold jerseys.  My son started chanting, “Here we go Steelers, here we go… Pittsburgh’s going to the Superbowl.”  (Steelers fight song)

family sporting their Steelers pride 

As we sat and watched them play we snapped a few (hundred) pics of our favorite players. 

 Steelers Defense

And we sweated, A LOT.


While we downed water bottles and tried to block the sun with our terrible towels, I couldn’t help but reflect on the last time Scott and I watched the Steelers play.

2009 AFC Championship Game

Last time it was 27 degrees.  This time it was 95 degrees.  Seems we’re willing to go to either extreme to watch our boys play ball.

(While Saturday was a ton of fun, I think freezing my legs off while watching the Steelers beat the Ravens in the AFC Championship game, still goes down as my favorite)!


  1. i think it's so great that you guys went AND made a camping trip out of it. love the family pic, too!

  2. awesome! where did you camp? my parents live in monongahela, so we just stay there. i love the pictures, but i now have to go now spend some time with God in confession of sin for all the coveting i just committed, realizing that you got to go to the afc championship game. thanks alot.

  3. Terrific Post - it was a great time. Love the pictures. And I agree - it was extremely HOT!!! But well worth a great start to watching and enjoying the Steelers.

  4. this might be my favorite of the circus family traditions! i'm soooooo ready for some football! go skins! i do realize we are playing you guys this weekend in preseason and that it will not be pretty, but i will stay true!

  5. You guys are so cute in your black and gold! So glad you made it to training camp and that a good time was had by all. Next year...the Happy family is crashing the fun though! We'll make a joint family affair of it!

    ps. Noah just got a new Steelers hoodie as a very belated bday gift from my aunt and uncle and Caroline grew into his old one so we're so excited they have their Steeler gear for the new season!

  6. my brother in law is from pa and LOVES the steelers. how cool. i live in mn, but am a faithful packers' fan (since i gave my allegiance to the packers on my 5th wedding anniversary) i wanted to let you know that i tagged you. check it out!

  7. it looks like you had fun! I wish I could muster the enthusiasm to be outside in that heat and enjoy anything.


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