Weekend Thoughts: I Don't Want to Do This on My Own


Applying Sunday's lesson this week has been quite a joy.  I've started each day by working on a lesson from Beth Moore's Bible study of the Psalms of Ascent.  Some mornings I did it in bed before ever leaving my room.  Other mornings, I was working on it on the couch with a kid snuggled on my lap.  Either way, it was the beginning of my day and it helped me to get my focus in the correct place. 

Monday's lesson on Psalm 127 hit me like a ton of bricks.  The whole chapter was great, but verse 1 I found to be incredibly applicable to my life.

Unless the LORD builds the house,
       its builders labor in vain.
       Unless the LORD watches over the city,
       the watchmen stand guard in vain.

When I fail to spend time daily in the Word and in prayer, then I am attempting to mother and home make on my own strength, not on the Lord's.  I do this too often, merely giving lip service to my dependency on Him.  I want to seek the Lord daily in these roles.  I do not want my house to be build in vain.  I want the Lord to build my house and my family through my husband and I.   This week as I have spent time studying His word and praying before my day, I have thought through my day and sought the Lord's guidance and strength for each aspect of the upcoming day... be it house work, fellowship with friends, blogging, spending time with my family.  I feel like it has helped me to be more deliberate throughout the day... looking for opportunities to seize moments with my kids... be it moments to tickle and cuddle, to work on math, to read, to bike ride, or to pray and sing songs of praise.  It has also been great for my kids to see me spending time in the Word.  I want them to know that I desire to spend time with my Lord each day.  Even though I am a "grown up"  I have much to learn.

Weekend Thoughts:
My posts typically relate funny anecdotes about the happenings here at the circus. While my days are seldom “normal” enough to leave me without a “post worthy” moment, I use my last post of the week to highlight something a little more “thoughtful” and significant. If you had a thoughtful post from this last week, or choose to make a new one, please feel free to add a link in the comments section below. I’d love to hear what you are thinking.


  1. A lesson, it seems, I relearn for the first time - often.

  2. such a good study! i did it this spring and learned a ton! i will be praying for you as you continue to grow. enjoy some time on your face today!

  3. Very good reminder for all of us.
    My husband has really been studying this week. He has an audio bible so he can listen to it alone in the car on his way back and forth from work, without distractions. I need to listen to it myself.


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