Our Super Hero

We had an incident a few weeks ago at the park.  One of those, turn your back for one seconds, incidents.  The kids were frolicking in the grass and I turned to look at the baby, when I turned back my two year old was gone.

After suffering the sick feeling of panic in my stomach and running around like a crazy mama I heard her crying.  She had fallen down during her frolic and I couldn't see her in the tall grass.

All was well, but Mommy and Daddy were a bit shaken up and thanking the Lord for His protection.

When we got home my son told me he was getting ready to run and rescue her like a super hero.  I commented on how brave he was and how God had given him to his sisters as their specially appointed super hero to watch out and and protect them.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself as I used this opportunity to stress the importance of brothers taking care of their sisters... good mommy stuff...

Then he looks up at me and says, "But Mommy, Daddy is their super hero!"

Supers (2)

"Indeed he is", I said, "but you can be Daddy's helper."


  1. Oh,my! I would have had a heart attack.
    Maybe it happened for a reason, so they could get a lesson out of it. And by the looks of thing...they sure did!!

  2. Awww...what a sweet boy! If we ever have a girl, I think about how blessed she will be to have big brothers who are looking after her.

    Oh, I TOTALLY know that feeling of panic. Jack has mastered wandering off when I turn my head for .02 seconds. FREAKS me out! I am SO thankful that God holds their days, or I would be a nervous wreck with that child.

    Super Hero Daddy's are the best! :)

  3. Awww... how adorable. Love having TWO big brothers for my baby girl! But yes, her Daddy is the ultimate hero in her life :)

  4. SCARY! Thank goodness she was close by!

    Your son is such a cutie. I just love the things that come out of his mouth!

  5. that son of yours is such a sweetheart! i'm glad you found the little one in the grass. poor thing....


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