Harvest Time


Despite the fact that I lack a green thumb and raise suicidal plants, I still attempted a garden this summer with my kids.  Some may call me a hopeless optimist, to others I am just naive.  But, my oldest two children were particularly excited about this new venture and I didn't want to let them down.

This April we planted a row of peas, a row of green beans, a row of pumpkins, two tomato plants, and two pepper plants.  

At first we had several pea plants sprout up.  I didn't know you had to stake them though, so they eventually withered away.  I had two green bean plants pop up, and I got a whopping total of 2 green beans (and a whole lot of weeds).  

Later we had pumpkin plants pop up and even produce nice yellow blooms.  I really held them out as the promised plant, the ones destined to bring forth great produce.  I imagined the golden pumpkins sitting on my stoop all in a row this fall.

They failed to germinate and the blooms eventually withered leaving me with green leaves and dead blooms. 

IMG_7320 But, my tomato plants have not let me down.  We've had about 7 or 8 tomatoes so far this summer.  Today we went to check to see if we had any more red ones and we had the mother load waiting for us!  Check out our tomato harvest!!  And we have at least as many more on the vine waiting to turn red!

While we didn't exactly raise enough to live off of the land this fall, at least our grand experiment wasn't a dismal failure.  We got something pretty for our efforts, and it might be just enough to motivate us to try this again next year. 

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  1. I love fresh fruit and veggies in the summertime. My Grandaddy as a garden every year and my mouth waters at just the thought of his tomatoes and watermelon. Your tomatoes look awesome!! I bet your kids had a great time planting and harvesting!

  2. it makes is so worth it doesn't it? Hey, next year, do green beans...you will LOVE the fact that they keep producing all summer!

  3. What a great looking bunch of tomatoes! :)

    We too are having lots of luck with our tomatoes, eggplant, banana peppers, and cucumbers. But we had some similar problems with our squash and zucchini plants, in that I don't think we'll be reaping anything from them. At least we know better for next year, right?

  4. i can attest to this garden NOT being a failure since your tomatoes were YUMMY this weekend. thanks for feeding us!

  5. way to go! Your tomatoes are beautiful.

  6. What a great learning experience for those happy little ones! They look pretty proud of your family efforts. We too are enjoying a mother-load of tomatoes. Some plants did very well - and some missed us while we were away from home :-( I am going to try some homemade salsa!!!

  7. Praise God for the sturdy tomato plant! I usually kill all vegetation as well, but had good luck with basil.

  8. Yum! Love home grown tomatoes!! :D

  9. You are hilarious! I couldn't grow even a quarter of what you've done. What a great thing! And you'll be even better next summer!!!


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