Not For Those With Weak Stomachs - That apparently includes my youngest


**Warning, those of you that did not appreciate my poop post last week, may not enjoy this one either.  Sorry for the graphic footage.  My past week has truly illustrated the less glamorous side of motherhood. **


Our trip to Steelers training camp last week was one of the most eventful family car trips we've had in a long while.  It was supposed to take 4 hrs to get to Latrobe, instead 6 hrs after we left we finally pulled into our camping space. 

We hit stop and go traffic about an hour and a half into our trip.  Turns out our 13 month old gets car sick.  Yes, she literally lost her lunch all over herself as we sat in traffic.  Thankfully, the paper towels happened to be within reach and I was able to sop her up. 

An hour later, we hit construction and thus more stop and go traffic.  I thought she had lost her lunch the first time, but it appeared she saved quite a bit for her next round of retching.  Poor thing was a smelly mess!  IMG_6831

We stopped as soon as we could and my husband took the older two kids inside for food while I cleaned up our poor baby. After a few disgruntled looks, I realized that parking right directly in front of the entrance wasn't the best idea.  Some people don't enjoy looking at this right before eating.   I brought her in to him and was shocked to discover they were STILL in line waiting to order their food.  So, I handed him the baby and went to do my best at cleaning up her car seat.   25 minutes later I came in to find them still in line, having already ordered but still waiting for our food (beware of the McDonalds in Breezewood). 

One hour later we were back on the road and thankfully, we had no more traffic or car sickness the rest of the weekend.  We make care trips quite frequently and this is the first time we have dealt with car sickness.  I truly, truly hope this is not a sign of things to come. 

This is one picture that will never see the inside of a scrapbook.  It's a picture that had I not been a blogger I would never have even taken.  But, since my poor baby has a blogger for a mommy, she gets pictures of her covered in poop and vomit posted on the world wide web for all to see.  For more pictures that no one should ever have taken of themselves, check out We Are THAT Family.


  1. Awwww, poor baby! I remember those days quite well.

  2. Well bless her little heart. I can totally relate, if you missed my post a couple weeks ago about my dad, I mentioned that I have thrown up in every one of his cars except the one he drives now.

    Moral: If she tells you she's going to be sick. She IS going to be sick. Pull over and wait. :-)

  3. I so get it but hey she's still very cute! very messy and maybe I can smell it cute!

  4. Been there. Done that.


    Here's to better days :D

  5. Been there done that also and the smell I agree is just horrible!

    Atleast it only happens every so very NOT often!

  6. The expression on her face says it all!


  7. Poor thing! I can totally relate to the car sickness. It's no fun at all, and I'm sure it's worse when you're only 13 months old and you don't understand it! :(

  8. Bless her heart-and yours too!

  9. Oh my goodness! Bless her heart! That is the worst, and to top it all off you stopped for lunch at a sucky McDonalds. Road trips, they are so much fun sometimes. :)

  10. Aww poor thing. Having a blogger mommy isn't easy. My son is on my blog today. He will not thank me later.

  11. Oh you poor thing! I can't believe your fast food was SO SLOW...

    It's so darn hard to clean up car seats. Believe me, I know.

  12. Been there and done that. I was cleaning my baby's car seat in a gas station and got a lot of dirty looks. Not fun.


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