Thanks for the Advice


Thanks to all of you that wrote with song suggestions last weekend to help me Pump it Up as I ran 7 miles on Sunday.  Some of you asked me to let you know which songs I picked so here goes...

  • Bootylicious-Destiny's Child (b/c when I run I think about looking good for my hubby )
  • Can't Get Next to You... Temptations (b/c KP you were right I love the oldies so I went with some Temptations, picked the song b/c I liked to imagine I was running soooo fast no one could get next to me... ha ha)
  • Unbelievable-EMF (You were right StellaG this song totally brought me back to middle school)
  • Getting Jiggy Wit It-- Will Smith ( b/c I really like Will Smith and it is just so fun)
  • MMMBop-Hanson Bros  (again thanks to Stella for a trip down memory lane)
  • Straight Up-  Paula Abdul (took KP's advice and went for an 80s--maybe it is early 90s not sure... tune I remember singing out loud in the old days... ya know before American Idol)


This wasn't the only music I download on my MP3 player though... my friend Megh had made me a mix CD for Christmas of fun, upbeat Christian songs... I took them and combined them with my 6 new tunes for a fabulous running soundtrack.

For anyone who cares, here's the lowdown on the run...

I left the house listening to Shine by Newsboys... so pumped... ready to run farther than I've ever gone before.. loving my music.... this was followed by Gettin Jiggy Wit It.  It was all I could do to keep from raising my hands in the air and dancing while I was running.  I am sure I looked like an idiot be bopping down the road.   Next up was "Tell the World that Jesus Lives" (not sure what the title is really or who sings it but it was great)  then a little DC Talk... Lean on Me... man I was having a really hard time not dancing to this blast from the past.  Anyway, I was loving life dancing and praising and running along until...


The Day The Music Died


No, "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie" was not one of my downloaded songs... my batteries died on my MP3 Player at about mile 3.  I was so bummed.  But like Forest, I kept on running.   Much less enthusiastically though.  Every now and then I'd try again incase miraculously my batteries started to work.   

At around 4 miles I spotted my minivan and heard my husband and kiddos screaming, "Go Mama"   Scott handed me some water out the window and said to just throw the cup in the grass, he'd get it.    He then passed me a few minutes later and said to look for water at the school.   Sure enough when I got to the school they were there again.  I was so thrilled.  I grabbed some water, threw him my MP3 player and my map (I had printed off a map of my route so I'd know where to go, but by this point I was back in familiar territory with less than 2 miles left to go) 

I figured this was it, but as I made it to my 6th mile they were there waiting again with water and a little note of encouragement attached to it.  (He totally scored points for speaking in both my and his love language)!

As they passed me on their way back to the car hubby yelled out the window, "You've now gone farther than you've ever gone before!"  (see Stella G's birthday gift from her hubby here to get the meaning behind this)

As if all this wasn't enough... as I walked on my cool down portion at the end there was a glass of cold water on the side of the road with a sign that said, "For Crystal... please don't touch if not Crystal"  so I drank ice water on my cool down lap as I came home.  When I walked in the door Scott and my older two kids were cheering and Unbelievable was blaring on the stereo.

So I am asking, "Do I have the greatest fan club in the world, or what?"  Seriously, I couldn't even begin to tackle this goal of mine if it weren't for my incredibly sweet and supportive hubby.  I felt like I was on cloud nine after that run.

Course when I tried to snuggle up with my sweetie after the run to say thanks he told me, "You reek!  You have gotta take a shower!"   

Even still... I think he's the best.  I've got 3 miles left to go.... August 24th is when I run the Annapolis 10 Mile.  I think I can, I think I can....


  1. That is so awesome!! What a great encouragement they are! I'll be cheering for you in spirit on the 24th.

    I just hate it when batteries run out at the worst times. Today we went to the playground and I packed my camera, but when I took it out to get some pictures, it wouldn't work because the batteries were dead.

  2. Congrats on hitting 7 miles! Whoo hoo! You're amazing! I know you'll blow everyone away in the Annapolis 10-miler! :)

    That is SOOOO cute that your family was there to cheer you on at "water check points." They are so loving!

  3. i can't believe your batteries died. classic. i'm glad it was still a good run for you, though! and i love that Miss Paula made it on your list. how could i have forgotten her? i might have to download that one myself... only a few more weeks! do we still want to do the crazy socks thing?

  4. Awesome music! I find when im working out using music really helps me work harder!

  5. Congratulations! Made some good choices on the music.. I hate it when my mp3 dies and I'm running. Makes me less enthusiastic, but good for you to push through it.

  6. What great encouragement you have! You're doing so great with your training - only a few weeks to go!

  7. way to go crystal pistol!!!! i'm soooo impressed! and scott, i must say, you win the prize for hubby of the year. well, next to my husband of course!

  8. What a team. "Team Crystal"
    Love ya!!

  9. Three cheers for your running, and of course a huge woweee-yeehaaw for your amazing fan club! :) That's fantastic!

  10. Go team!! I totally understand how running is all of a sudden a family affair. Remember PK (Pre-kids) how you could just go out for a run...yeah, it was hard to get motivated, but nothing like now...coordinating schedules, planning for hours, dragging the kids to the store to get decent running gear, praying for good weather after all that planning...It is truly an olympic achievement if you ask me!

  11. WAY TO GO.. you are going to makeit. I

  12. Guess what i hit the wrong button. But will say it again you are doing fabulous. Think it is so nice your family cheers you on.It is your turn now , But some time in the future you will cheer them on


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