An Opportunity to Exercise My Patience

My hubby and I had the sad realization the other day that we aren't as good of parents as we thought we were.  See our son is 4 years old and we haven't taught him to ride a bike or to swim.

So, we decided it was time to get the boy a bike.

Hubby thought a consignment shop was a good idea, because why spend a butt load of money when you don't have to.  I must admit I wasn't as thrilled about this idea.  Mainly b/c I am lazy and the idea of dragging three kids in and out of consignments shops was less than appealing.

But I did it.

Friday we hit 2 Goodwills and one Salavation Army.

I thought for sure as I loaded the kids back into their car seat and we headed to the last store that all of our hard work would pay off.

We entered the car bike-less.

At this point, I felt like I had gone the distance and was about to plead my case and suggest we just go to Walmart.

But Monday on a whim, I thought I'd try one more Good Will Superstore.  This way I would have exhausted all my options.

We hit the mother load!!!!  I left with a bike for my son and a bike that I can push behind for my daughter.  All for a grand total of $14.84.  I was now thrilled with Good Will and thought my hubby was brilliant.

And to top it off, they had a motorcycle bike.  My son has been enamored by the motorcycles on our street for as long as I can remember.  While it isn't the shiny red radio flyer that I imagined buying for my son, he is super happy and it cost $10.

Thinking my patience had paid off, I set off for our fun little bike ride.  Son on his motorcycle bike, daughter on her tricycle, baby in my arms and me pushing my toddler on said tricycle.



look at him goThe tricycle is not the clever little invention I thought it was.  It is basically like one of those driver's ed cars only the teacher doesn't have the master control and is just strapped along for the ride.  While I can push her, she can still steer, and I can't... So while holding my constantly wriggling 1 year old I am also trying to keep our two year old on a straight course.  Meanwhile my son still needs help on his bike and while the motorcycle is kinda cute I swear it must make it weigh an extra 10 lbs.  He will peddle about 3 pedals before he inevitably sees a car (albeit 1/2 mile down the street) and heads for the side of the road coming to a complete stop.  He then loses momentum and can't get started back up again, so while holding my bucking bronco adorable one year old with one hand, and pulling against my 2 year old to get her tricycle to the side of the road, I am also trying to give the motorcycle a push.  Can't tell you how many times the two of them banged into the sides of each other.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it took us 15 min to get 2 houses down from ours.

IMG_6460 We spent 30 minutes riding bikes and we made it down two houses to the left of our house, turned around (this took a good 10 minutes) and then past our house 2 houses to the right before ending up in our driveway.  Add in the time it took us to get in and out of the house and it was a good 45 minute endeavor.

A few times I considered abandoning ship and going inside till Daddy came home.  The house looked oh so inviting as we passed it.

But the look on my son's face as he peddled down our street was worth every minute of it.  He was delighted and so proud.  When he got on a roll and peddled a good 6 peddles in succession, he was elated!  "Mom, look how fast I'm going!"  And my daughter loved, "bite ri'en" like a big kid.  IMG_6452

Amazingly with each time out riding, it has gotten a little easier than that first attempt..  I found a side street with no traffic and "not too steep" hill.  It is the answer to my woes b/c I can actually put my baby down to walk and my son can practice sustaining momentum as he peddles back up the hill.  We had a funny exchange as he rode up and down the hill.  I'd encourage him not to stop because he would then lose his momentum going up the hill.  As he rode down, he'd say, "Mom is it on me?"  "Do I got it?"  Then as he'd peddle back up and get stuck and need a push start he'd tell me, "Mom, I lost that stuff you said I had."  "Mom, it's gone."  He kept forgetting the word momentum.  When he reached the crest of the hill and couldn't get started he said to me, "Mom, I'm outta gravity!"

So, I'll go out again tomorrow with all three kids. While they exercise their legs, I will exercise my patience and it'll be energy well spent for all of us.



  1. Despite all the pitfalls, it looks like you all had a great time!

  2. The boy looks so happy. The two girls also look happy. You sound happy - though tired. Can it get better than that?
    Love you all

  3. That does it!
    I'm gonna check out the Orange County Choppers kids' tatoo gumball machine next time I'm at the grocery store, drop a couple of quarters in the slots and send them off to Your Son!

  4. That motorcycle bike is AWESOME!!! It looks like you were able to have fun with them. And they sure do look like they are having the best time on their new bikes.

  5. You did good!!LOL They loved it!

  6. That's awesome! I LOVE finding deals like that.

    They look like they are having a ball on their bikes. Adorable pics!

  7. kids are so much fun!!

    You'll cherish these memories when they're older.

    Happy POW!

  8. great moto-bike! he's gonna have all the chicks going crazy! do you think it will make the trip to york? kinda askin' for myself too...

  9. I love the bike too! The kids look like they had some fun, cute pictures too! Happy POW!

  10. oh huw fun! I (just this week) was able to get one of those tow bars that hooks the little bike to the big bike so it trails along... it's really great. but it wouldn't work so well if I was trying to contain a 1 and 2 year old at the same time!

    you're so right to keep with it! they are having more fun that you could ever imagine, and i'll betcha in like 10 or 15 years they'll say something to you about the first time they got to ride bikes and "how much FUN it was!" and you'll think to yourself... if you only knew... ha!

  11. They look so happy and proud! I love his him Fonzie for a while, right? 2 houses in 15 minutes really cracked me up. This is what I have to look forward to. I guess slow and steady wins the race!

  12. Oh, I tagged you for a meme when you get time:-)

  13. Great story, but what really hit me is that you used the phrase "butt load." Nice

  14. Don't feel too bad, my 9 and 6 year old can't ride a bike yet. Well, without training wheels that is. They discovered scooters and that was that with the bikes. Of course we don't have the optimal yard for teaching bike riding without training wheels either. Not enough flat grassy areas.

  15. We had that exact bike!!! So cute in the store, such a PIA is real life. Much too heavy. Noah never did figure out how to ride up even the slightest incline, and didn't figure out the "2 wheel" thing until we got him a garage sale $5 find that was boring and dull red, but much lighter. GL!

  16. I love that he kept forgetting the word momentum! Also, my son does the same thing when he sees a car MILES AWAY....he pulls over to the side and we just sit there and wait, and wait, and wait.......

  17. Ok now i feel bad and think I should buy my eldest a bike.

    We have one of those ones you can push but they can still steer. A total nightmare! I don't know what the manufacturer was thinking.

  18. Oh how I missed the laughs from reading your posts this past week. Give you an "A" for effort at perseverance. And great job to the kiddos for their bike riding :-)

  19. wow, bikes? they're so grown up! they look happy, even if a physics degree isn't in his future... :)


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