My Bag of Tricks


IMG_6659 A few weeks ago I was given a voucher for a free gallon of milk from a certain grocery store.  Today I finally made it back to the store but when I went to pull the voucher from my purse, I had a bit of trouble finding it.  When I got home I decided it was time to clean out my purse.

I really could put Mary Poppins to the test for who has more in her lovely bag.


Check out what I discovered today.

  • 1 bottle of ibuprofen
  • 27 BJs coupons
  • 1 expired mailer for a discount day at the consignment shop
  • 1 small bottle of Bath and Body Works Lotion
  • 15 receipts
  • 1 dirty napkin
  • 2 church bulletins
  • 1 CFA kids table topper
  • 1 CFA purex hand wipe
  • 2 bug repellent wipes
  • 4 CFA breakfast coupons
  • 3 old shopping lists
  • 1 e-mail address
  • 1 girls sock
  • 2 OJ lids
  • movie coupon stub
  • 1 button
  • 2 feminine pads
  • 1 and 1/2 crayons
  • 1 check book (to an account we no longer use) 
  • 1 comb
  • car lighter (no, I don't smoke, neither does my husband, I have no idea how this got in there)
  • 1 loose credit card
  • book of stamps
  • 1 panty liner
  • 1 golf ball (we don't golf)
  • IMG_6670one tube of chap stick (cap off) that is so dirty and grody there is NO  WAY I'd let anyone's lips near it 
  • seashell
  • dirty tissue
  • straw wrapper
  • 2 baby barrettes
  • 3 toddler barrettes
  • 1 of my own barrettes
  • keys to church
  • 6 quarters
  • 9 pennies
  • 5 dimes
  • 2 nickels
  • 1 card for a kids hair stylist
  • 4 nametags from the kids at nursery
  • 1 hallmark gold crown sticker (with no stick left)
  • 1 sharpie (besides the bottle of ibuprofin this is possibly the most dangerous thing in here)

And at last my free milk voucher...which expired on August 5th.

While I may not have had a coat rack in there, I could take comfort in the fact that if I was stranded in a snow storm I could start a fire with my car lighter, 15 receipts, and 27 coupons!!

Of course, not anymore..

Now that I've tackled it, I'd say it would be much better to rely on her bag of tricks instead!image


  1. I ALWAYS carry a sharpie in my handbag. Why? Other than asking for total mayhem if the three year old gets a hold of it... simple. We are always somewhere where everyone has pretty much the same thing. This way I can write on it... no fighting. Four kids and one sharpie later, everyone knows that is NOT their cup (toy, granola bar) and Mommy knows who has left their trash behind.

    I hate finding expired coupons... it makes me feel like I really missed out, even if it wasn't something I would have really wanted to get anyway!


  2. That's why I don't often care a bag. The bigger it gets the heaver it becomes.
    Is the bag any lighter?

  3. Hey, that sounds like my bag! I've tried carrying smaller bags but then it's stuffed to capacity and I can't close it. I've resigned myself to the fact that I do indeed need to lug around 20 pounds worth of stuff. You never know when you might need something...

  4. Wow Great Tackle! I think that's why I don't carry a purse lol! Only if I have to.

  5. WOW you win the prize!! Were you ever at a Women's event where you get a prize for what is in your purse. LOL Glad you tackled it - but it is like laundry and dishes (it will need done again someday) It must be lighter now :-)

  6. Wow! and I thought I carried a lot in my bag. Of course, when my kids were small, my bag probably contained that much stuff.

  7. The expired coupon made me laugh out loud! I've done that, been there! I cleaned out my suitcase, I mean purse, this weekend too. Now the poor purse can't stand up, without all of my stuff in it. Bessings to you!

  8. I found it's best to ditch the big bag so that I don't end up with the same problem....

  9. Wow! That's quite the purse! I bet you feel 10 pounds lighter. I have to dump and sort my purse about once a month. Great tackle

  10. I feel like that with my bag, and it is a back pack! I have to clean it for our vacation, don't want to tote around stuff I do not need! Great tackle! Stop by my tackl for a continuation of my front porch makeover!

  11. I hate it when the cap falls off the chapstick!!! Mine looks a lot like that. I love the one girls sock and oj lids.

  12. Wow! That's impressive! I love the list of stuff in there. Too funny.

  13. I really need to clean out my purse. It is a total mess.

  14. WOW!! That's a ton of stuff! Great job sorting through it all!

  15. You need to stuff that all back in so in case you're at a bridal/baby shower where they play the "Purse Scavenger Hunt" you'll totally mop up!

  16. Wow...I don't think that I have EVER seen that much stuff in a purse! Great tackle! And entertaining to read about too :)

  17. What a great tackle.

    And can I just say, my heart swelled with pride, with all the CFA-related items in the bag 'o yours?

  18. maybe i should send you my purse organizer. not that it keeps me from stuffing coupons and receipts into the pockets or anything... great post!

  19. Don't feel bad...I'm still pulling library notes from 2002 out of some of my purses! :)

  20. this is a big tackle. Good job!


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