Who Knew??

Last week was a busy week around my house...with celebrating my birthday and preparing for my baby girl's first birthday party, I didn't have a lot of spare time left for reading the Internet. So, of course when I checked CNN.com to scan the headlines, I only had time for one article. Which article did this homebound mommy starved for information on life outside of the circus, click on?

'It was like I was on Rollerblades,' says Miss USA

Yes, aren't you glad to know I take the time to read those articles that really matter?

For those of you that didn't take time for such pressing issues, she fell on stage during the Miss Universe competition.

As I read the article, I couldn't help but think, "Who knew I had so much in common with Miss USA?  Never in a million years would I see myself in a beauty pageant. However, if I was in one, I am fairly certain I'd leave a similar impression. Think I'm exaggerating? Too hard on myself?

Reading about her moment in the spotlight instantly brought me back to a time when I was on stage in front of friends, family, and classmates...

I tripped on stage at my High School graduation, after accepting my diploma. I clearly remember the response of one of my classmates as I sat in my seat to straighten my hat and situate those cords you had to wear around your neck. "That was classic, Crystal!" And indeed it was... let's just say I am not one who is remembered for her poise and grace.

That quick read last week in the middle of a day when I was busy cleaning house, washing puke off of myself and attempting to keep my sick son separated from his little sisters, totally made me smile... who knew this often clumsy, seldom dressed up, mommy of three shared something in common with Miss USA?


  1. Oh no, you tripped?!? I'm glad you can laugh about it though...good thing it was too late to get that in the yearbook! ;)

  2. Sorry, you tripped. It happens to a lot of people. If you had it on video you could be on America's Funniest Videos with all the rest of them. At my wedding, I kept telling my husband the ring goes on my LEFT hand finger-guess who put it on the wrong (his) hand...that's right me (the nagger)!!

  3. i love it! see, Miss America is another person, just like us... except strikingly beautiful, not scared of bikinis, and always perfectly manicured. hmm, close?


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