Library Revisited

I have a problem. Despite my best intentions, I seem incapable of returning library books on time. Upon returning home from the library, my husband often asks, "So, how much are these going to cost us?" It seems our library visits are taking a dramatic turn for the worst.

Even after our bad experience at the library , I took the kids back for books. This last time we weren't scolded for our "inside voices" so I thought all was good. BUT, when we got home our baby girl ripped one of the pages in our book. I told the children we'd have to tell the librarian when we returned it.

Our next trip to the library my son dutifully reminded me, "Mom don't forget to tell them what she did to the book!" I was sure to tell the librarian as we returned the book expecting we'd have to pay a small fine or something and they'd tape the page back together. I was informed we'd have to pay to replace the book the next time we cheeked out. I didn't think this would be a big deal and I we went off with the kids wondering what prices the library pays for their books.

Now in addition to returning one damaged book (BEFORE the due date) I also returned a few late books. When I went to pay my bill, I was told I owed $18.00!!!! YIKES!!! Seems the library doesn't buy books at They charge you the price of the book listed on the back cover. Guess libraries have some sort of deal with children's authors in which they pay the highest price possible for their books.

Thankfully, they let us go home with new literary backpack kits (a smart move being that they make so much money on us). Their investment paid off too. We will be visiting the library again tomorrow to return them - one week overdue. This time I did not actually forget but have instead been unable to find what we need. I had looked everywhere, checking through all the cases in our cabinet over and over. I finally found it tonight along with a sick feeling in my stomach as I thought about paying yet another reimbursement fee. It won't be as bad this time but I think I may take a break on checking out any further materials. The library circus act is getting a bit too pricey.


  1. Goodness, those fees will get you every time!

  2. WOW, crazy they charge full price for the book. Clearly, they don't buy from
    I think returning late books to the library is just part of mothering toddlers. When they're older and can help keep track, I think it will be easier to get them back on time.

  3. Next time just tape the page back in yourself! We had to pay for a VHS tape that I lost and when I found it I the overdue fee would have been more than the cost to replace so I just kept it and paid for a new one. But it was so painful because it was such an old movie- one I would have paid $1 for at a yard sale. I tried telling them I would buy one from amazon used, but there was still a replacement fee and it just was too much work. Either way they get you!

  4. Are you related to my daughter? HeeHee!

  5. aww, cute picture! but sad library story. :( they'll get you any way they can!

  6. Oy! My mother insists that they should revoke my library card. I simply cannot return anything on time and I pay not only their paychecks but also their utility bills! So really, do you think they want to revoke my card?? Heck no, they love me! I was once told that if I returned my stuff on time they would throw me a party. I'm not sure if I should be honored or embarassed...
    To relate to your "inside voice" story, we were reprimanded because my 2 year old (at the time) removed the bar code sticker the library puts on the books. The librarian had me hold up my child on the counter so that she could scold her. I have yet to return to THAT library - grrr!
    So here's to you my sister library rebel! :)

  7. I am SO sorry that this used-to-be-free service is anything but for you. BTW - what kind of category does that fall into in the budget?!?! :-) I agree with Sarah - when they get older you encourage them to remember and keep track of their books (remember the notes on our calendar when you and bro were little)


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