Agree to Disagree


Scott and I see eye to eye on most things.  When it comes to parenting though, we have one major disagreement...


I think they are cute and cuddly and so adorable.

Scott thinks they are impractical and a complete waste of time.  "Why do we need to change them just to sleep,"  He asks.

I have a hard time coming up with a real compelling reason.

"Because they look so cute in them," is typically my reply.

When Scott has bedtime duty he rarely thinks this is reason enough to go through the hassle of changing three kids out of their clothes and into another set of clothes.  He typically sends them to bed in diapers and the shirt they wore that day.

And I don't complain, because I feel blessed to have a husband who willingly helps with the bedtime routine, who will let me go for a run while he gets the kids ready for bed and puts them to sleep. 

But come on, don't you agree... they look way cuter in their pjs?





  1. lol...I love the weird sleeping positions kids get themselves into! My youngest son usually ends up half off the bed. Once he even fell off in the night and didn't wake up until morning...loL!

  2. I agree with both of you - they are super cute in their pj's and when they are sleeping peacefully. HIS logic and practicality can't be argued. AND whatever gets you to that look above is what matters. Daddy is a huge help to you - be thankful.

  3. I agree, they do look adorable in pjs.
    My boys never wear pjs anymore, even the 4 year old. It is so sad for me. On the bright side, I don't have to raid the Carter's store for the cutest pajamas and it sure cuts down on laundry.

    If you need a reason besides "they look cutier," you could pretend to value the flame resistant material.

  4. I have to admit I have let Madi sleep in her clothes if they are like a onesie or soft with no buttons. The only reason is from being too tired to change her! But, I agree with you I think they should wear PJ's to bed but it's hard to do if they fall asleep in their clothes-not worth waking them up for. When Madi gets older, it's PJ's only.

  5. They are definitely cuter in PJs!!!! But, hey, I'm with you....I wouldn't care too much as long as he was helping out with getting them to bed! He's so sweet to do that for you.

  6. Yes, I definitely have a keeper! :-)

  7. Oh, definitely pajamas!!! I also think it's cute that both of your girls sleep with their little feet tucked under their bodies...

    You could argue, however, that the act of changing kids into their pj's is part of the symbolism of the bedtime routine. The change in to special clothing signifies to the child that something different is about to occur, something separate from playtime or other daily activities. It mentally prepares the child to settle down and modify their behavior in preparation for sleep. How does that work for you? :)

  8. maybe this is a stretch, but... usually, the clothes we wear during the day get a bit stinky, and if you're a kid, definitely messy. so why spend an 8 hour night rubbing all of that stink and food stain on perfectly good sheets. you'd have to wash your sheets a lot more often. and if you're not going to bathe everyday (most kids don't), then they wake up less dirty, can change into new clothes and be better ready for the day. so that's my argument for pjs. honestly, i've never considered the cute factor.... but now that i've seen those pictures.... :)

  9. What? PJs a waste of time? No way! They can't just wear the shirt they wore all day long. You don't want them going to bed in their nice cozy sheets in a dirty stinky shirt they've been wearing all day. Is this how he sleeps? Just wears whatever he puts on that day to bed? Besides, if everyone did that what would happen to those poor PJ makers, hehehehe?

  10. PJs are the best! I love to climb into something new and fresh before bed, too. Actually, as soon as I get home from work, lol. Luckily my four year old still loves to wear her jammies. The only exception is on hot, humid nights, where underwear is the preference.

  11. Oh I couldn't live without their cute PJ's. Yes in the scheme of things it is unnecessary laundry but it is so worth it.

    Those sleeping positions look so comfy!

  12. OMG! Are you sure you aren't married to MY husband??? He feels the exact same way! Last night, he put Carter to sleep in his polo shirt and shorts! I was so mad. How uncomfortable that must have been for my little one! My husband said I'm crazy...boys don't care.

    I still think I'm right.


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