I am One Busy Mama Tonight!!


Just a heads up for anyone who might care, I won't be posting my weekend thought until Sunday. 

Tonight I am busy baking and decorating a birthday cake and finishing a scrapbook for my baby girl... we are celebrating her first birthday tomorrow!! 

4 days old

Where did this year go???   

Our precious baby girl


Weekend Thoughts:
My posts typically relate funny anecdotes about the happenings here at the circus. While my days are seldom “normal” enough to leave me without a “post worthy” moment, I use my last post of the week to highlight something a little more “thoughtful” and significant. If you had a thoughtful post from this last week, or choose to make a new one, please feel free to add a link in the comments section below. I’d love to hear what others are learning.

Even though I am not up yet, please feel free to post a link!!


  1. I have no idea...I can't believe she's already one! I feel like I was just visiting you in the hospital!

  2. It goes by too quickly. Have a great birthday celebration! Happy Birthday to your adorable daughter!!!

  3. What a precious little girl. It has been such a fast year. She lights up a room, our hearts and our lives. Have a great B'day. Enjoy your first sugar fix today.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. happy birthday baby girl!!!

  6. She is soooo cute! I know the feeling, I cannot believe my baby girl will turn one in August.

  7. Happy Birthday!! (Only about 21 or so years before you visit us with a bunch of your college roommates on a cross-country road trip after graduation :))


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