Most Recent Quotes from Our House


In college I had some friends who had wipe off boards and would write up some funny or amusing phrase they'd over hear and it would stay on the "quote board"  until the next memorable statement.  Anyone else do this?

Well, I guess I am using this blog post as my quote board... here are a few memorable ones from the past several weeks.


While drinking some water one hot evening my son said to me, "Mom, soon this is going to be pee!"


When my son was sick last week I told him not to get too close to his sisters so they wouldn't get his germs and get sick.  When my middle child came over to him later in the day he told her, "You have to stay away, I have germs."  to which she responded in a whiny voice, "I want germs... I WANT germs too!" 


I looked over at my baby girl yesterday afternoon to find her standing on the toy box.  This was not safe (since she is just learning to walk) so I took her down and every time she tried to climb up I told her no.  She'd look up at me and mutter some unintelligible babble.  But it was the same unintelligible babble each time... I swear to you it sounded like she said, "what's up with that?"  Her siblings were on the toy box (which they are now no longer allowed to do)  and each time she went over to climb up, I'd say, "No Baby" to which she'd look up at me and mutter, "whutzupitat"


  1. LOL, there is certainly no shortage of funny quotes around your house!

  2. Too funny!! Your son is just a hoot! And don't you just love baby babbling. They sure are saying something! I need to start jotting down our memorable quotes.

  3. They are all funny but I loved the one about the water going to be pee. lol

  4. i think that's a good idea! who says white quote boards have to die once you graduate from college? when i have kids, we're totally doing that. :)

  5. Think of your blog as a super white board and keep those quotes coming. I heard the littlest one babbling back her "whutzupitat" and it was so cute.


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