He's Got My Eyes


Since the day he was born, people have been telling me that my son looks like his Daddy.  He's been referred to as Scott 2.0 and Mini-Me.   I don't argue that there is no debating who his Daddy is, but I will say that he's got my eyes.

Make that eye.

For photography.

Check out these pictures I took of my parents when I was in elementary school.  

Mom Christmas picDad Birthday


First we have my mom showing off her Christmas ear rings... at least I THINK that is my mom... it looks like her hands but I managed to cut off the top of her head.   Then we have my Dad showing us what I assume is his birthday gift, can't see it though.  I did get a great shot of our wall though with my smiling Dad off to the side.  Apparently when gifts were given, I got the privilege of holding the camera.  Big Mistake.  Clearly I struggled with framing the subject.


Now here is a photo my son took of his Mommy and Daddy at Christmas when he was 2 1/2.  See the resemblance? 


Yep, clearly he has his mothers eye.

Daddy takes way better pictures.  Like the ones he took here at the zoo, framed beautifully, heads all in tack.

I think my son might be a protegy though... at 2 and 1/2 he was taking pictures on par with my photography at age 9 or 10...wait, maybe that means he is like his father!!


Check out We are THAT Family for more pictures and anecdotes from the past. 


  1. Hee!
    That's great that your parents kept them.
    BTW soulemama cuts head off all the time - and it looks beautiful. That's art!

  2. This made me chuckle! I needed that! Thanks for the Birthday greeting! ;)
    Your post was a cool gift! Yep, scrolling back up now to look again...I think my chuckle may become a guffaw!

  3. You make me laugh, thanks! 8-))

  4. LOL, he's on track to be the next Ansel Adams (especially with the vacations you take)! He did a great job of capturing your outfit though, which I really like! How about loaning it to Muthering Heights?

  5. Wow. That is a GREAT idea for a post. I haven't seen this anywhere else and it is so cute!

    Be blessed.


  6. That is great. My grandmother wanted to a take a photo of me and my siblings with a family friend and when we had the film developed she took the photo from the middle of our heads down. The family friend's head, not there!

  7. That's what the pictures look like when my kids take pictures of us around here!

  8. I may be related to you! I do that sometimes and I always blame it on the camera. Who knew it was genetics!

  9. Well... I hate to say it ... but those are the kind of pictures I take as an adult! Or at least it was until I got a digital camera. God bless the person who thought of putting in digital cameras the little screen that you can see what the picture is actually going to look like. [what's that called?]

    Don't feel bad. Everyone always says all my children look like my hubby, too. Then they will say how gorgeous they are which makes me feel like it's a good thing they look like their daddy!

  10. cute idea. I never have the nerve to hand over the camera to my kids. Maybe I should try it. Makes for funny, yet sweet, results.

  11. That is too funny! Who knew such talent was inherited!

  12. we are THAT familyThursday, July 24, 2008

    sorry, that was from me!

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