Lost in Translation

Ever play the game Mad Gab? One team holds up a card with a gibberish phrase and the other team has to translate it. Translating what my two year old says is a lot like playing this game.

Case in point, last week my daughter was teasing my mom. My mom wanted her to call her Grandma and she knew this so she would call her everything but that. As they looked each other in the eye their charade went something like this...

Grandma: Hi Girlie Girl (Giggle giggle)

Daughter: Hi Mommy (Giggle giggle)

Grandma: Ok, Hi Papa (Giggle giggle)

Daughter: Hi Tommy (Giggle giggle)

Grandma: Hi Daddy (Giggle giggle)

Daughter: Hi (I have no idea how to type this phrase phonetically. I am going to let you listen to it because what she intended and what is sounded like are two very different things. Click on the little triangle to hear ).

Yea... poor Grandma heard "Hi Retard" and didn't know what to say.  I swear you could have heard a pin drop after that as ever single person in the room seemed to hear it and freeze.

I quickly translated...

She said, "Hi race car"

Daughter:  Yea, Hi retard

Grandma and the rest of the room:  Huge sigh of relief as poor Grandma thought her two year old grand daughter had called her a retard.


  1. Ahhh, yes, that was HILARIOUS! And it did totally sound like retard. It's a good thing you were there to translate!

  2. so you totally made me cry again through my laughing. i love it at your house!

  3. that's hysterical! and it did sound EXACTLY like retard! good thing your mom has a good sense of humor!

  4. Since she is so cute and precious when she teases - what can I say. PaPa and I are still laughing about it - and hope it doesn't take too long until she decides to call me "Grandma" For now - I won't correct her other attempts. But since she had such a big response "Racecar" may be it for awhile.

  5. Poor Racecar...I mean Grandma!!!

  6. That made me laugh!

  7. Oh, that is so funny! My daughter used to say some pretty bad swear words when referring to something else, and I sure got a lot of bad looks, lol.

  8. So funny! What a cute little voice your daughter has.
    Happy POW!

  9. Too funny! I need that baby to come over and talk to my MIL! LOL


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