Weekend Thoughts: Join Me in Praying for This Family


There were a few blogs I read regularly this winter before I started blogging myself.  One of these is Confessions of a CF Husband.  Nate and his wife Tricia have had an incredible year, filled with many scary and uncertain moments.  It is obvious to me from reading their blogs that they love the Lord and they truly trust in His sovereign will for their lives.  It is both humbling and inspiring to read about their journey.

After reading his posts this week, I have been incredibly impressed with Nate and his wife Trica's strong faith during discouraging and uncertain times.  When the test results they received this week weren't the ones they were hoping for or expecting, he wrote with honesty and candor about their feelings, and yet truly praised the Lord through the difficult times. 

I want to encourage you to take some time this weekend to read his posts from this week, starting with this post and working through the week.  They are a great example of a couple deeply in love with each other and their Lord, trusting the Lord each day for each and every breath. 

Please also spend some time praying for his wife Tricia, and their daughter Gwyneth.  


Weekend Thoughts:
My posts typically relate funny anecdotes about the happenings here at the circus. While my days are seldom “normal” enough to leave me without a “post worthy” moment, I use my last post of the week to highlight something a little more “thoughtful” and significant. If you had a thoughtful post from this last week, or choose to make a new one, please feel free to add a link in the comments section below. I’d love to hear what others are learning.


  1. It's so loving of you to urge your readers to pray for them!

  2. I read that blog a couple of weeks ago it's on my cousin's (twiceblessedmommy) blog. I cried so hard and thought about them for days. I had a friend in high school that died from CF. We need to keep this family in our prayers. Thanks for posting this.


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