This afternoon my smiley, mild mannered, easy going baby suddenly channeled his inner Dennis the Menace and went all toddler boy on me for 30 minutes. 

First I looked over and found him standing on his tool bench (oops look who forgot to put away the advent calendar with her Christmas decorations)


I got him down and shortly after realized things had been mighty quiet for awhile and went searching for him.  Found him in the master bathroom STANDING on the toilet. 


After shutting all the doors in the hallway we headed back out to the kitchen/living room.  He attempted to get water from the fridge dispenser but thankfully it was locked.   So, instead he opted for emptying my clean dishes from the dish washer into the dog bowl.  IMG_1137

I didn’t get them out right away b/c I figured the harm had already been done, and I would go ahead and finish emptying the dishwasher before he got into more mischief. 


But, that plan was thwarted when he then decided to DRINK FROM THE DOG BOWL!    While I moved the bowl onto the counter and the dirty cups into the sink, I turn around to find him standing in the dishwasher reaching for my leftover pizza from lunch.


At this point, I decide that this has TRULY BEEN THE CRAZIEST HALF HOUR OF HIS LIFE and strap him into his booster seat with my pizza in hopes of keeping him safe and me sane! 


  1. I love it! You know you are a veteran mom when you document the entire event with your camera! :)

  2. That's awesome...welcome to my life with Jenny!!! She is into everything every single minute of the day. But, hey! She keeps life fun and interesting!

  3. We do this ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. With a lot of running down the halls in between. And she's a girl!!

  4. This post alone makes me thankful we don't have a dog yet.
    Your little guy is 4 months younger than my little guy, right? (Mine was born in March) Yeah, thoses "babies." They like to make trouble!
    I'm so impressed that you actually got pictures of him!

  5. Funny! And I love the "one shoe on and one shoe off" thing, too!

  6. I have one of those at my house also!! I wonder what goes through their little minds.

  7. Welcome to the club Circus baby! Katie's favorite perch is the toilet. Where she proceeds to brush her teeth with anything thats in a tube.


    Awesome that you embraced it and took pictures. Hope all is calmer now!

  8. Wow. When you texted me the other day, I had NO IDEA. It's almost as if this was all planned and mapped out. He's been scheming for 19 months to get away with it all in one half hour. He's hilarious!


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