IMG_0592We rung out 2011 with a date day in DC for Scott and I on the 30th and then a good ol’ family fun day on the 31st. (more pics and details on those to come in a later blog post). As we spent time reflecting on 2011, Scott and I both found ourselves commenting on how grateful we are for our life.   We don’t deserve this life of comfort and good fortune.  And we def aren’t doing everything right with what we have.  But, one thing I know for sure, we are so, very very thankful for this life we have… with each other and our children. 

And so as we enter a new year, brimming with possibilities, goals, hopes and plans… I must first pause… and give thanks for the memories and moments of 2011. 

In 2011, we….

lost our first tooth:

lost his first tooth!IMG_8378

       March 26th                                        Nov 23           

Celebrated our 10 year anniversary and on the same day we celebrated his first birthday


did gymnastics together (in the same class for the spring sessions)


Celebrated my Mema’s 80th birthday


attended a family reunion


Made it to the last space shuttle launch


enjoyed an hour to ourselves on a Florida beach (I think this might be Scott and I’s favorite hour of 2011)


My awesome SIL Karen treated me to a real hair cut at a salon… so this stay at home momma upgraded her “take a few inches off in the kitchen once every 3 yr haircut”  to an actual style! 


We got wood floors!!


Went to Steelers Training Camp


enjoyed a 10 year labor day tradition


started KindergartenIMG_6129

Began piano lessons


coached the girls soccer team

soccer dad

enjoyed 3 days away in Chicago- just the two of us!


We played lots and celebrated much this year.

We also said goodbye to a Grandpa/Great Grandpa whom we all love and miss very much. 


His passing gives us pause to remember that while activities and events may fill our days, life comes with a purpose that surpasses all those things. It is the way God is glorified in the mist of activities that shape the legacy we leave.  And with that in mind, we pray, as we venture into 2012, that God grant us the wisdom to pursue each day in a way that glorifies Him.

Happy New Year!!


  1. Beautiful post. I have been reflecting on a very blessed year also this New Year's Day. Looking forward to all the God has planned for this coming year.

  2. What an awesome year for your very awesome family. Here's to hoping 2012 is just as blessed for you guys! I think you do deserve it!


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