Monday, Monday


Today had all the ingredients to be a very classic Monday… one of those days…  we got home at 1:30 AM after a 5 hr drive after losing in the first round of the playoffs after 1 play in overtime…seriously, who would want to wake up and start the week after a night like that? 

But, it was actually a WONDERFUL Monday… a truly great start to my first real week back in reality since Christmas break.  (last week we started back to home school but we didn’t meet at the tutorial… so we had no forced early wake ups… and we only had gymnastics one evening last week)  This week we’re back to the tutorial, back to gymnastics, cub scouts, business trips, dr appointments, MOPS meeting… and I was already dreading the realness of it last week. 

But it was actually a WONDERFUL MONDAY. 

Thanks to….

1.  Scott-  not only did Scott offer and willingly stay late at my parents last night so we could watch the game with them… he drove the whole way home AND THEN arranged things at work so he could take the oldest 2 to the tutorial for me this morning!  (Isn’t he the best EVER?)  Not only did I get to sleep in a little b/c I didn’t have to shower and get ready to be out the door, but I only had to get 2 kids out of bed and out the door instead of waking 4 kids up and hauling 4 grouchy kids to school this morning.  AND the 2 that were hauled out of bed weren’t all that grouchy b/c they got to ride with Daddy and that’s the best way ever to start the day!

2.  My momma-  she helped me wash all our clothes before we left her house last night which meant that I came home from the weekend with a  suitcase of CLEAN clothes… Scott dumped it on the bed for me this morning and combined with the basket of clothes I washed Friday before we left… all I had to do was fold and put away the clothes and we were set.  I was so set in fact that I went ahead and washed and put away the clothes we wore yesterday. 


4.  My tutorial-  I had 6 hrs at home with just my 2 youngest and was able to take care of laundry, clean the bathrooms, clean the trashcans, unpack, AND put together a 100 piece puzzle with my 4 year old.  (FYI 100 piece puzzles mark the extent of puzzle putting together skills… I can not fathom attempt a puzzle with more pieces than that)

5.  SNOW- we were surprised with big white puffy flakes of snow this afternoon which STUCK and accumulated a whole whopping 1/2 inch of snow in our grass.  This of course delighted my big 3 to no end and in between reminding them at least 100 times to shut the door and take their shoes off before coming in, I was able to hunt down gloves and boots ands put gloves on at least 25 times per kid AND make bread rolls, hot chocolate, and cookies.  It made for a super fun, argument free afternoon for all. 

6.  NAPS-  Love, LOVE the fact that my lil man still naps twice a day.  Thank you sweet boy. 

7.  MOPS- I hadn’t been to MOPS in over a year but went back tonight to speak on a panel.  Great evening out and wonderful to reconnect with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. 

Not sure what the rest of the week will bring, but today I am thankful for a surprisingly great day.


  1. It does sound like a great way for re-entry into reality! And since you cleaned bathrooms and trash cans and put away laundry and all that there was definetely a dose of "reality" with the blessings! I'm thrilled for you that you had such a great day, especially since its one you were dreading.

    Hoping that the momentum continues for you all week long!

  2. Crystal,
    I love #2.... I try to wash our clothes BEFORE we get home from trips if possible. It makes unpacking so much nicer!

    Loved your ideas on the MOPS panel tonight. Thanks for sharing your insights!

  3. So glad that you had a great Monday. I can totally understand coming back from PA and "trying" to get started on Monday. It can be so exhausting, but what a blessing!! What a joy to be able to go to MOPS. I decided not to do it this year, but sometimes miss the time seeing familiar faces. And I do thoroughly enjoy reading your blog-in fact when you questioned why you continue blogging is what convinced me to stop making excuses and start my own. Wish we could still walk to your house! Miss you friend!

  4. amen to #3! sounds like a perfect day!

  5. 2 naps a day?!?!
    I'm lucky if my little man will take one.
    NO, that's not exactly true. Usually he does, but on the days he doesn't, oh boy! He's still in his crib, but he's yelling! A lot.
    I'm glad you are counting your blessings!

  6. Crystal,
    Would you be interested in doing a guest post at my Sweet Peas & Buddies blog?
    Please let me know if you are or not. I would love to have a circus act story!

  7. I could not imagine getting half of that done with my ONE child. It is only 11 days into 2012 and you are caught up on're head of the game!!

  8. Kirstin, Please know my days are NOT always so productive... that is why it was SO noteworthy. :) AND I haven't done laundry since Monday, so I am now 2 days behind... which in my house means around 4 loads. But, it was good while it lasted. :)


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