Every now and then, when I peek in on my oldest daughter before going to sleep, I’ll see something which instantly takes me back to her infancy. almost 6

And even though she’ll be 6 in a few short weeks, I see her as this sweet little 8 month old in her crib, sleeping folded in half. 

8 mths

I’ll remember how she used to sleep like this every.single night… and suddenly all these pictures of her sleeping like this pass through my mind like a slide show. 

14 mths

17 mths

3 and a half

5 years

Pack-n-play, hospital hooked up to IVs, crib, toddler bed, bottom bunk, top bunk… she’s done it ever where.  It’s her classic sleeping position.  And it makes me smile every.single.time.  Sweet dreams my little girl!


  1. My hips hurt just looking at her pictures LOL! But it is amazing how many times you snapped pictures of her classic sleeping configuration. And she actually SLEEPS through that pose.

  2. Such an amazing position. How does she do that?... or maybe a better question is...Why does she do that??? Tugs at my heartstrings too, just looking at her pictures. OX

  3. Jeanne.. funny thing is for the first time I asked her why and she said, "I like it. When half of me is cold then I use the other half to warm me up."

  4. That's how she stays so limber. She stretches in her sleep! :o)

  5. OMG! I sleep like this too! I have tried to see if anybody else does this, but the only ones I find are babies, glad I'm not alone! I am 20 years old in college and literally sleep like a baby! https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/317041_1595535346313_1988625442_n.jpg

  6. I have been researching this because I am a 36 year old female who still sleeps like this. Does anyone know of any scientific reason why we sleep this way?

    Thanks in advance!


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