A Girl Can Dream


When talking to my oldest daughter about things to look forward to in 2012, I mentioned to her that the Summer Olympics were going to happen in 2012.

“Oh,” she exclaimed, “I’ll be 6, can I be in the Olympics?”

I told her that when she was 6 she can try out for the gymnastics team at her gym, but she has to be 16 to try out for the Olympics.

“Well,” she said, “I’ll have the 6, I just need the teen!”

I opted to leave it at that and omitted details about the selection committee, the Károlyi’s and the slew of other things that would stand in the way of her and London this summer.  No need to dash a young girls dreams!

Even though she isn’t on the Olympic team… or any team for that matter, I am super proud of the skills she’s accomplished this past year.   A year ago she couldn’t yet do a pullover… now she can do a pullover, cast, back hip circle and is working on her dismount.   A year ago I couldn’t have told you what any of those things meant… I guess we’ve both learned a lot this past year!  Here’s a clip we snapped of her at practice a few weeks ago.

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  1. You go girl - chase those dreams. She and her sister have learned so much this year. It is great joy watching them practice.

  2. Wow. Double wow. She's going to flying off that bar doing back flips soon. Can you handle it, mom??
    (I'm getting all of that by the video, btw, because you lost me at "Károlyi’s". Not a clue.)

  3. (Oh, THAT guy! Thank you, internet. Yet another save by Google.)

  4. That only gives her more time to perfect her skills!! What a great year at the Circus.

  5. I would be so proud of her! Probably to the point of my heart thumping out of my chest.
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    Can you let me know if you are interested?

  6. She did absolutely fantastic!! I am so impressed with what a six year old can do on the bars. She was so confidend, and proud. Wonderful job, I was impressed by her pullovers or whatever you call them...lol. Take care, and God Bless You All! Miss You Guys!
    Julie and family

  7. Wow - good for her! That is great - such strength :) She'll get the "teen" sooner that she thinks...it'll fly by....sigh....


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