Getting Our Money’s Worth


We had some trees and branches cut down in our yard yesterday.  Thus far I think it was worth every penny as I love the new look of our yard, the feeling of safety knowing those dead branches aren’t going to come down in the next storm, AND the free babysitting it provided yesterday afternoon.


IMG_0970The tree in front of our living room window provided the most excitement.  Even my 18 mth old was so intrigued, he kept looking out the window and then he’d yell, “Hey Mama”  and a whole bunch of gibberish followed by “Hey Mama”…  I swear with that gibberish, he was telling me “there’s a man flying outside our window!”


I didn’t get quite as much done as I would have liked b/c the kids kept calling me into the room, “Mom… quick, you gotta see this, Mom look, take a picture for Dad.”

After cutting off all the branches, he then cut the trunk into four chunks and pushed them over.   The kids were concerned that Dad would be upset about the holes they left in the yard when they hit the ground, but they went back and filled them in with dirt. 


The kids wondered if perhaps Brett Keisel cut down trees when he wasn’t playing football.  Notice the resemblance?image



While watching them climb around in the trees using ropes and pulleys, my son remarked, “This is like the original Cut the Rope.”

IMG_0965He also told me, “You’d never let Dad up that high!”  Followed by, “Are you holding the phone dialing the 9 and the 1?”  (Ahem..This MIGHT be b/c whenever Scott goes on the roof to hang or take down Christmas lights, I am always out side holding the phone ready to dial 911 in case he falls).  When I explained that I wasn’t holding the phone b/c these guys know what they are doing he responded with, “Well Dad knows what he’s doing and you still do it for him.”    

We really did have a great time watching the men work in our yard.  There was a never ending amount of excitement to watch, between the bucket truck, men swinging from trees, branches the size of trees swinging out the kitchen window, fork lifts carrying trunks from the back to the front, stump grinders and wood chippers…. we most definitely did not get through all of our homeschool assignments and are pulling double duty today. 



  1. "Yeah, but dad knows what he's doing and you still do it for him." LOVE. So funny.

    Glad your yard improvement project killed so many birds, er trees, with one stone...or axe.

    That dude definetely looks a little like Keisel. Bet you have the only kids in Baltimore putting out such a reference! :-)

  2. I love all the things your kids say. Can't wait for my boys to really start talking!

  3. I too love the comments your kiddos come up with and had to laugh at your post. Can't wait to come see the difference in your place.

  4. Haha, your kids are SO FUNNY! :D


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