It Doesn’t Take Much


We were delightfully surprised with some big puffy flakes of snow on Monday afternoon which accumulated to a whopping 1/2 inch of fun for the big 3. 


This was the first  “real snow” we’ve had here all winter.  The pure, unadulterated glee which this brought to my children caused me to pause and give thanks that we live in MD.


Because it doesn’t snow here all the time (a fact that I am truly, truly grateful for) when it does it is cause for excitement and celebration.  Snow fall is like an unplanned holiday.  In fact most schools and businesses will close in its honor. 


I love this.  Because who doesn’t need a break from the ordinary now and then?    I would hate to live up north where it snowed all the time and snowfall is no big deal.  (I’d also truthfully hate to live where it was cold enough to snow all the time… I prefer snow as a break from the ordinary… a rare treat to be enjoyed as I look out my window). 

I am sure up north they would never stop to make snow angels until the snow actually covered the ground. 


Here we decided to milk this “snow fall” for all we could, lest we not see any more this winter.  And so in addition to catching flakes on our tongues, and making snow angels, we also had a snow ball fightIMG_0909


and ate as much as we could scrape off the fence posts, deck railings, and any other surface we could find.


The “big 3” played happily outside for 2 hours in the snow.  They came in muddy and soaked and very much in need of some hot chocolate.  IMG_0916

It was wonderful!


  1. I'm glad they took advantage of what they got in the snow department...I'm still waiting!!

  2. No snow yet but they say tomorrow. BUt not a lot of it. GOOD

  3. So glad that they are content with whatever snow falls - 1/2 inch or 10-20 inches (with those famous NorEasters) Very cute pictures!!


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