Turkey Treats


We’re taking the week off…no tutorial, no home school. 


Today we made turkey cookies thanks to this post I read last night.  Rule number 1, don’t look to close at the example picture here, just quickly look at it to get the idea, then close it.  Otherwise, these won’t seem exactly up to snuff.  But, we had a blast  decorating them and they taste yummy, so who cares if they aren’t picture perfect?  And really, when is the circus family picture perfect?   It was, none the less,  a great way to start Thanksgiving week.   Thanks McMommy!IMG_3501Tomorrow I hope to make these popcorn balls to bring to my parents house.  My dad loves popcorn balls, so when I read this post, I was eager to try them.  I am hoping they aren’t too tricky as we have Bible Study in the morning, a quick trip to the grocery store to make and then popcorn balls and pepperoni bread to make before Scott gets home from work and we hit the road.  Thankfully our suitcases are packed.  Worse case scenario, I bring the ingredients to Mom and Dad’s and make them on Wednesday.


  1. They looks so Cute! and so much easier than what My Girl wanted to do which was to trace her hand to make it.

  2. Those are so cute!! And I just love this picture of your kids!!

  3. They did a nice job of decorating them!

  4. Hello!
    So sorry to barely get back to you. My computer has been on the frtiz lately!!! That recipe makes about a dozen popcorn balls. Maybe double it for a bigger crowd? We just made them for us to nibble on.

    Love those cookies you made. Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. So thankful for blog friends!


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