Keeping Me Humble


I was feeling pretty good about myself this week.  Got a little boost of energy with week 12 and began to tame this household which I had slacked off on over the first trimester.  Finally, I can leave the guest bedroom door open as well as the master bed room.   I even cleaned out the van which had reached its height of total messiness, threw away all that trash crammed in around the car seats and brought in the plethora of coats and shoes which were strewn all over the floor.  This was also the week of the harvest party at our tutorial, which me and another mom were in charge of.  I spent all day Wednesday at the tutorial setting up, running, and cleaning up after the harvest party.  And yet I even got all, yes ALL, of the laundry washed and just two baskets left to fold and put away.  And this was the week, Scott was out of town for 3 days/nights on business.  

Yes, I was feeling pretty darn good about my week. 

And then I picked my son up from Sunday School.

Funny how something so simple can take you down a notch or two.

The teacher greeted me with a smile on her face and said, “I have got to tell you what your son said today.  He always says the funniest things.” 

Uh-oh, I thought.  I’ve worked with children enough to know that this will not end well for the parents.

“We asked the kids what their Moms and Dads did during the day and you son said that you lay on the couch and sleep and comment on other peoples blogs while he watches TV.”


What I failed to mention is that last night I was feeling quite sick.  Got home from the end of season soccer party with a killer headache and nausea.  Scott had to go to the homeless ministry, so I sat on the couch with a bowl on my lap and let the kids watch cartoons as I dozed and snuggled with them. 

How sad that a weeks worth of hard work can be completely forgotten because of one evening of slacking on the couch. 


  1. Oh man, even though that comment humbled you, it sounds like you had a great productive week. Two things, first I know that my van looks like yours, if not worse, secondly last year in preschool Ella brought home a Father's Day craft that was All About Dad. In answer to the question, What does your daddy do?, Ella responded, take care of us while mommy rests. After today you can probably imagine how mortified I felt -it was totally the result of a couple long days where I escaped to my room to have some alone time in the evening, only to find out through this craft that Matt kept the kids from following me by saying that mommy needed to rest. So I feel your pain!!! And hope YOU are feeling better!

  2. Kids remember the funniest things. If you ask the kids what dad does all day they say "talk on the phone and send emails". Of course, that is all they get to see/hear from him during the work day. I asked them what I do all day and my 3 year old said "work." Too funny.

    I'm amazed you've been so productive. Good for you. I need to get productive :)

  3. it was one evening. you gotta take care of all your kids, even the one who isn't breathing air.
    my oldest says things like that, too. it does bring me down an notch, but you can't let it get you all the way down. you are a great mom!

  4. that is hilarious. i think it's funny the teacher wanted to make sure you knew he said that. i'm assuming it's because she knew he wasn't telling the whole truth. either that or she was giving you the heads up that she was planning to call social services when she got home. ha! either way, revel in your clean car and laundry. because i bet Scott was pretty darn impressed!

  5. Too funny - he does say the funniest things. And they only see a small part of the big picture.
    It reminds me of ourselves - We can do alot of good things and work hard, but one small sin can take us down. Thanks be to God for sending Christ to save us!

  6. What a productive week you had, though! I always find it interesting how much more I get done when my husband is otherwise occupied. Not that he is in the way at all! Maybe just more that my focus is different.

  7. Thank you. Thank you for one last Circus laugh before I head into the hospital (aka land of no computer time for a couple days). I literally laughed quite loudly in the kitchen here. Derek was all, "What's so funny?"

    Kids have such a way of putting things!

    Congrats on your very very productive week and I sure hope the energy boost continues in the upward direction as you head deeper into the second trimester. How is it that other people's pregnancies go by so fast? Geesh, I feel like this last week for me has been FOREVER and here you are flying through the first trimester!

    (From my vantage point anyways...)

    Have a great day dear!

  8. They always DO that!!! Kids are so self focused! I always know I'm in trouble when one of them says, "Mom. why do you always...."
    And they're standing over my shoulder right now! I am shooing them away. It is a bad idea to teach your children to read. We know you work hard and that you are a great Mama.

  9. My kids always narc me out!! LOL

    They will say, "Are you addicted to the computer?" LOLOL!


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