Congratulate Yourselves


For all of you who have bought something from Amazon and done so by clicking through my site, congratulate yourselves. 

I checked my Amazon affiliate account today and I have earned $50.00 thus far!  As you may remember, Scott and I decided to match whatever money it earns (up to the first $200), so tonight I wrote a check to World Vision’s Sudan Relief Fund for $100!  Whoohooo! imageimage 

I know I just got through telling you that I don’t want to rush the Thanksgiving season, by thinking of Christmas.  And I don’t.  I plan to start my shopping the day after Thanksgiving. 

BUT, for those of you who like to get a head start on the Christmas shopping, I thought I’d take this time to remind you about the Shopping for Sudan project we’re working on here at the circus.  Because if you are like me, shopping online is a much preferable choice to dragging your kids in and out of their car seats, waiting in long lines, and trying to stay jovial while keeping the kids quiet and entertained.  Online shopping eliminates all that stress and lets you shop during naptime, in your sweat pants, while snacking on Halloween candy.  Def my preference. 

But, I am not writing this to try to convince you to shop online.

Nor am I writing to persuade you to shop at

My request is just this:  If your going to shop from Amazon, would you please bookmark my site and enter Amazon from the “Shop for Sudan” link on my side bar?

Because I am an Amazon affiliate, I can earn money from your purchase and I am pledging to donate all the money earned to World Vision’s Sudan Food and Care Fund. 

While I am sitting in the comfort and safety of my home, with my cupboards and fridge full of food and my children comfortably sleeping in their beds, with NO FEAR for our safety, there are mothers, too, too many mothers who are mourning the loss of their babies, or are watching their babies starve, or are terrified at the sights and sounds they hear approaching them.   And while we can’t help them all, we can’t solve all that is going on over there.  We can help.  We can bring a small bit of aid and relief.  And did I mention, it costs us nothing?  No extra money, at all.

I believe there are a lot of us out there who do shop at Amazon and I am excited to think about the amount of money we could raise to help those suffering in Sudan, especially now during the Christmas shopping season. 

So, could you please help me?  Would you share this link with any friends/family that you know that shop at Amazon?  Blog, Twit or Facebook the post.  (Here’s a link I made for you, to make it real easy, simply copy and paste

We’ve already raised $100 since we started this summer.  I wonder how much more families we can assist in the Christmas season alone.  


  1. It was so easy - and if you are going to shop Amazon anyway - - - why not get them to make a donation for a worthy cause!!! Thanks for your effort and committment to these people in need.

  2. i will definitely be taking advantage of this. you are so generous and i'm glad to help out... even a little!

  3. last week I used your link. Thanks for the example you set.

  4. Hey, my whole baby registry is on Amazon--is there a way to link up to this when people are getting stuff from there?


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