He’s Baaaack!!


The first time Scott went away on business travel, we were newly married and when he told me he was going to CA for a week, I really thought the world was ending.  Looking back it was one of those classic examples of a couple looking at the same event in two different ways.  For Scott the trip was an exciting opportunity.  A chance to do something new and definitely a plus for his career.  Sure, he would miss me, but it would only be 3 days. To me it was 3 days… also known as the world coming to and end.  What would I do with my husband gone for three days?  How would I survive?  Looking back, I was quite melodramatic.  (clearly I wasn’t cut out to be a military wife)  But, go he did and survive I did.

8 years later and I still am not a fan of business travel.  Thankfully, he really doesn’t go all that often, a few times a year on average.     I still shed a tear when we kiss goodbye and hate falling asleep in the big lonely bed, but I have come up with a strategy for getting through the time a part. I plan a special event for the kids and I for each day he’s gone. Nothing huge… ice cream cones for dessert, a fun craft, or a fast food dinner.


Though talked up correctly, each can turn into the highlight of our day.  We also typically have a movie and popcorn night planned for one of the evenings.  These little breaks from the norm give us something to look forward to and distract us. 

IMG_3452 I also set goals for myself.  I find something I want to accomplish while Scott is gone.  It could be organizing pictures, scrapbooking, cleaning out a closet, or this week… conquering the laundry.  These goals help the evenings when Scott is gone to pass more quickly. 

sunriseAs the kids get older, having Daddy gone is a bigger deal for them.    I think they have a better concept of time now and really miss him.  Scott typically leaves notes for them to read while he is gone and they draw pictures and hide them in his suitcase for him to find while he’s cloudsgone.  This time Scott took my iphone and e-mailed videos home for them to watch each morning.  He’d also take pics of things like the plane ride or the view from his hotel room and e-mail them back. It helped the kids to see what he was seeing and feel a part of his trip.  The kids would dictate messages for me to e-mail to him and he’d write back.  It really helped keep them connected and was so cute to see their messages to him. 

From my youngest: Daddy couldn't be here tonight.  Next time won't you sing with me.  Like a diamond in the sky. 

From my son:  Dad, I love your video.  We did have a great time and I love you very much.  I hope you have a good flight on the airplane.  And I think I believe I will be awake when you come home.  I do love you a lot.  Do you think mine is the longest e-mail?  Please write back soon.  I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.  Hey, I'll see you tomorrow.  Tomorrow we're going to have lasagna.  But, can I sit beside you when we have lasagna tomorrow?  Hey, do you know what?  I've got a surprise for you tomorrow for after dinner.  Please write back. I love you.  Goodbye.  2 thousand and one hundred kisses.

From our middle child: Dear Daddy, I hope you have a safe trip back.  Don't be scared of the dark b/c you’re flying back on the plane.  Be safe.  Now I hope you have a fine trip back home.  I love you Da Da.  I love you Da Da.   How can you believe we ate ice cream?

According to the flight status checker online, Scott’s plane is due back in 22 minutes!! I can’t wait for him to walk in the door.  Tomorrow we’ll have a big yummy “Daddy’s home breakfast” with cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, and bacon.  And lasagna for dinner.  Celebration!  Daddy’s home!!  All is right with the world again.


  1. Hooray!! Such a cute post. Technology sure has helped keeping in touch while separated! Have a great Daddy's home" celebration.

  2. how sweet! i've realized lately that we have to prepare the kids for "big" events like daddy being gone for a weekend. it's important to prepare them and let them be involved in the "send off" i like your special ideas. no, they aren't huge, but they ARE special.

  3. Oh I know the feeling The Husband travels less than that but he left for a two week trip shortly after we were married and I was due in a month talk the world ending I was really sure I was not going to survive that I would go into labor while he was gone and be emotionally devastated that he as not there and never recover... or something along those lines.

  4. So glad our hubbies are home for the weekend (well, hopefully mine will be soon)!! It is so hard when they are gone. Good ideas---I will have to try some out. Right now, I feel like our game plan is pure survival, but a movie and popcorn night sounds like more fun! :)

  5. Glad he's back! I don't like it when Derek is away either. Luckily, it isn't all that often.

    Such a good idea to give yourself a goal for while he's gone and to have something special each day for you and the kids to look forward to.

  6. We HATE having Papa away from our house too!

    I love that you have a big celebratory breakfast for his return. That is so sweet!


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