Field Trip Fun


One of my favorite parts about home schooling has been the field trips.  We have tutorial sessions on Mon and Wed.  Tues we have school at home and typically it is a catch up day for me around the house.  I try to keep Tuesdays open as I need that day to just be at home.  Thursdays we have school at home, plus BSF in the morning, and often a play date over lunch. Thursdays are busy and full.  Fridays, however, are often field trip days.  We get our school work done in the morning and then often, not always, we take field trips.  The past two Fridays have been Field Trip Fridays.  First, we went to a farm to learn about the life of the Pilgrims and Indians.  They had people dressed in period costumes as we learned about the Indians, Pilgrim chores, Pilgrim home life, and Pilgrim play.  This was topped off with the most extreme and fun hay ride I’ve ever been on and the chance to pick popping corn from the corn field. 

The following Friday I organized a field trip for the tutorial class to the local police station.  The officers did a fabulous job of showing us around the facility and educating us on their job.  I found it incredibly interesting and kept thinking about how much it reminded me of the District.  Truth be told, I think I liked it even more than the kids… must be that part of me that loves those cop/crime drama shows. 

Here’s some pictures of our Friday Field Trip Fun!

Trying to make corn meal


playing Pilgrim games


Yes, the hay ride went right through the creek… I told you it was extreme hay riding   IMG_3181

Hopefully the only time my girls experience life inside of a holding cell….and yes, I sanitized them heavily and immediately.


The hand cuffs and the taser demo were definite hits with the kids  IMG_3415


  1. What fun you're having! Love all the pictures and all the super educational family fun! Love that you sanitized "heavily and immediately" after the holding cell thing.

    And seriously, who wouldn't love a good taser demonstration? I think I'd like a taser for my own personal use sometimes!

    Keep up the good homeschooling work!

  2. the picture of the girls in the holding cell CRACKED me up enough to tell my husband about it. oh, that is so funny!

  3. I'm starting our homeschool on January 4th. I'm so excited! The field trips are one of the things I'm really looking forward to doing with my girls.

  4. What a great education while having such fun together. Love the pictures.

  5. Fun! I love homeschool field trips, too!

  6. ok, you've definitely talked me into homeschooling now! a taser show???


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