Lessons Learned While Raking Leaves


1.  Two rakes and three kids does not make for a happy equation.IMG_3333 2.  Make sure your kids have their shoes securely tied before you begin raking.  Otherwise you could rake a pile like this only to have your son tell you it was time to go on a “treasure hunt” to find his missing shoes in said pile.


3.  If your going to jump into the pile with the kids, don’t wear baggy jeans.  Otherwise you will find leaves in your underwear when you go inside.

IMG_3363 4.  No one is more fun when it comes to playing in the leaves than Daddy.  See his leg under there and his face peeking out at the top?  He doesn’t care about leaves in his underwear or daddy long legs hiding under the leaves.  He’s the best.


5.  Always, always have your camera ready when raking leaves.  You never know when you’re gonna capture that  expression that you wanna hold onto forever. 



  1. Awww...I'll keep that need-the-same-number-of-rakes-as-kids bit tucked away for later!

  2. Great Lessons - and great pictures. What a fun autumn event.

  3. Reminder: get TWO more rakes so that your little circus baby isn't left out because he/she will be taking part before you know it! Those are some sweet faces in the pictures...you guys just make EVERYTHING fun, even chores!

    Sounds like a great fall day.

  4. We have never had enough leaves to make a pile at our house, though there might be enough at great Granddads

  5. Growing up we never had enough leaves for raking either. Now that we bag 20+ bags of leaves each fall, I'm thinking that's not really such a bad thing. Fall can be better enjoyed when looking at it in someone else's yard! :-)

  6. when you run out of leaves, come to my house! we spend hours each weekend working on our leaves :) i loved this post!

  7. The expressions on the first and last picture are both priceless. Way to capture her little personality.

    Fun times!

  8. I love that you too take pictures of your children crying. ahaha!


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