Lost and Found


Remember my confession back in May about my hefty library charge

I am happy to report that I’ve actually gotten much better about returning library books since then.  And no, it’s not because I’ve stopped going to the library.  Sure, I’ve paid an occasional fee here or there, but nothing close to the $42.09 I paid back in May.   Perhaps they won’t be naming the local branch after the circus family after all.  

Today we had the carpets cleaned by Stanley Steamers… b/c it may sound like the circus here on a daily basis, but I was sick of it looking like the inside of a circus tent.  When the cleaners moved my couch, you’ll never believe what they found?

The missing library books!!! 

I was fairly certain they were gone for good, especially when they never showed up even after the crazy cleaning frenzy I went on all summer long.   But there they were, all along, under the couch.  I am fairly certain I won’t be able to get my refund now, since I have no idea where that receipt is from mid May.   So, it looks like we now own 2 Clifford books.  At least we finally get to enjoy the books I paid an arm and a leg for 6 months ago.


  1. Yay! As The Girl would say, "you found treasure!"

  2. oh those library fees! mine wasn't that gigantic! woffty! but they are so frustrating. i'm glad you found the books! do you need the receipt? isn't it attached to your library account? you could try it! (if you wanted to!)

  3. At least you like the books. You could have paid a ton of money for one of those weird ones where the moral is super weird and creepy.

  4. Fitting since I just retured some library books today!it is amazing what you will find under the couch! And congrats on some freshly cleaned carpets...nothing better in my opinion!

  5. I had a similar find in my hostas outside. Now that the plants are dying off, I am finding troves of treasure in the flower beds :)

  6. I must confess that after reading this I moved my couch trying to find our missing library book. No such luck!!


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